Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Funny story time!

People keep telling me that I get into the most hilarious situations. My twin cousins insist that I would make a wonderful vlogger if only I would take that leap because apparently I crack them up.

I have mini adventures all the time and it's time I start to document them! They are always a mixture of my warped logic, carelessness and mostly luck. I doubt that these things would happen to just about anyone. It's luck and attraction, I guess. I try to look for the funny side of life and it just happens to want to show me. However, I've yet to get into serious trouble - like getting myself stranded - but I'm sure it'll still be a funny adventure to me.

Sudden revelation: Maybe I'm just too positive for my own good.

Today, the bf & I went to Happy's place to dins, like we always do on Tuesdays and got into a few games of Saboteur until about 10:45ish and set off home. I was playing a game of Candy Crush and Adam, for some obscure reason, suddenly took an interest in it and started chatting about how I was going to lose and if I lost, it would be his turn. He has NEVER been interested in Candy Crush before, often commenting that it's a silly game that silly people play so I let him play one round, thinking that I could get him hooked.

Once I passed my phone to him, I realized that nobody was keeping track of our surroundings or number of stops! I stood up suddenly, looked out the window and because I'm such a bad judge of character (lol I know irrelevant) and direction/environment/location I asked if we're at our stop. I suppose my panic was contagious because the next thing I knew, the tram driver opened up the doors to let us out and we found ourselves standing in an unfamiliar place.

I looked at Adam and said, "This isn't the place. Why didn't you say something?!"
His reply, "I don't know? Your panic made me nervous."

So, great. We were somewhere and nowhere! I took a few steps down and saw a waiting tram. Doubtful that I could be that lucky, I asked the driver if the tram would be passing through the road we stayed. She said yes and I convinced myself that Melbourne, as they always said, was built with squares in mind. We were probably only one block away from the tram stop we were supposed to get off at, so I told myself that we would be one block away from our place if we got on the tram.

Boy was I ever wrong. You see, trams turn. They don't just go straight down a road. We ended up a good 30mins walk away from our place. Not knowing what to do, we begun the long trek home. I found it all funny, of course. The first time he took an interest in Candy Crush, this happened!

Just as I accepted our fate, what should barrel by on the empty street but the tram we were supposed to board! We ran like maniacs, and although we were on the wrong side of the street, the tram driver probably took pity on us and opened the doors for us - on the wrong side of the tram. I have never been so thankful for a kind stranger!

What were the odds?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

♥ 230313

Still Not Getting Any by Simple Plan was the anthem of my teenage years.

I'm listening to it now, nearly a decade later. I can't really believe this. Decade. That's how long it's been since the beginning of my youth. In the marathon of life, I'm almost 10 miles away from the starting point of the second leg, soon to be reaching the third leg.

And yet I can't help but stare down the road and wonder what lies ahead of me.

I may whine incessantly about my age but honestly, I'm not even halfway through. I fear and anticipate what may come. I have never been good at reassuring anyone, let alone myself but I think it'll be okay. I think it's normal. I think I should enjoy this because one day I'll forget how it felt like to believe in the promise of my dreams.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Naruko Facial Masks

I got these masks during Naruko Australia's free masks promotion last year so excuse the lack of pictures because I've already used them all save for 2 pcs of the same kind. They all only costed me a total of 9.90AUD so THANKS to my friend Andrew for the heads up! :)

From left:

Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask ♥♥/5
This mask is rich in plant extracts that instantly brighten skin tone and combat hyper-pigmentations. The unique formula provides immediate smoothing and lifting action to tired and lifeless skin. It leaves the skin soft, firm and smooth.

The essence for this mask is the thickest of the lot. The mask itself was opaque from all the essence! THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH ESSENCE! I have never seen anything like it so I had to take a picture of it. I could've slathered the remaining essence from the packet all over my body and there'd still be some LEFT OVER! However, there wasn't any visible result. Like, seriously? The essence was so thick, you'd expect the results to be amazing. Maybe it's just me.

This one have ear hooks and covers your chin and jaw area. Reminds me of the Love More mask I reviewed some time around now last year! I guess it's cos its supposed to firm up your face. They fit a lot better than the Love More though but are still far from perfect. I still got those little bubbles beside my nose (as you can see).

Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Brightening Mask ♥/5
This mask is enriched with moisture and fortified with anti-oxidants to refine texture, lighten discolorations and strengthen the defense system. Skin feels softer, smoother and more resilient with a younger appearance.

The mask is really droopy, maybe cos it's got lots of essence, so it feels as though it's slipping down my face. Really brightens the face. I saw results the moment I took off the mask and knew it worked because the area around my eyes were darker than the rest of my skin wtf. See, that's what a horrible design does. So unless Naruko starts creating masks with eye flaps, I'm NOT GOING TO REPURCHASE because there's no point in having great skin all around except your eye area. I'd rather have consistent skin texture and tone TYVM. Additionally, the mask is rather big and doesn't fit me very well - it overlaps around my cheek area but it doesn't quite reach the sides of my face wtf I haz a big face!?!

Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots and Lines Defying Mask ♥/5
This mask offers renewed radiance in just 15-20 minutes. Utilizing four powerful brightening ingredients, it prevents the creation of discolorations and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Helps trade a dull complexion for a fresh, luminous and even-toned skin.

This one doesn't cover the tip of my nose at all! *horror* I tried adjusting it and nope. It just refuses to cooperate with me and give TLC to the tip of my nose. I went to sleep with the mask on and told Adam to peel it off my face after 20 minutes lol cos I wanted to try how it felt to sleep with a mask on. I didn't like it. I couldn't quite curl in a fetal position (fave way to sleep, curled up in a ball) because I'd have to turn my face to the side. /3\ The next day though, my face was unnaturally shiny. Not oily shiny, but just shiny! I did not know what to make of it lol. But I did not see any drastic changes. :\

Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask ♥/5
This amazing mask contains 25ml of active beauty concentrates per sheet. It provides intense hydration and replenishes the skin with full moisture. Helps dull, tired-looking skin restore its dewy, radiant glow.

OMG I LOVE THE SCENT OF THIS MASK. But this mask is significantly more fragile or maybe I was being unnecessarily careless while putting it on but I tore it. I have never torn a mask before. O.O This is probably my favorite of the lot cos of the scent, the fit and the texture. It smells like roses (no duh - someone explain to me why I hate the smell of actual roses & rose scented candles but love the rosewater perfume from Crabtree & Evelyn and love the smell of rose scented facial masks!!!), fits well (covers my entire nose which is a giant PLUS but also overlaps at the cheek area but is too far from my ears) and is that delicate sort of tissue mask which I adore! The result? Shiny & tight skin similar to the Apple Seed above. Anyone can explain this phenomenon? It's supposed to make my face glow but somehow I doubt I was glowing the right way.

One thing I don't like about the masks is that neither of them have eye flaps although the design (both fit & texture) differs for each of them. I mean seriously, you could give the Taiwan Magnolia Whitening & Brightening mask the jaw/chin flap but couldn't give it eye flaps!? Most masks have eye flaps now so why didn't Naruko incorporate that into their mask design?!! WHY! Even though most people might not lie still for 20 minutes with their eyes closed, AT LEAST GIVE US THAT OPTION cos humans are greedy, greedy pigs who would rather have something they don't use than have no choice at all.

Wow. It got real intense all of a sudden.

But there you go.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I believe I may have made a similar post last year when I got TPG. Promising everyone more updates and blah dee blah blah. Well you know what? I'm going to stop making promises cos it seems like promises are made only to be broken. But I've just gotten TPG and it didn't feel right not contributing to my blog when I'm finally able! :D

So here's the thing, I really hate moving. I like the organizing, unpacking part but I hate the maintaining and technical bits. I don't like to write 200 emails or call 200 people in a day (all to be done before 5pm of course cos those are the working hours and I don't get up till 12pm shh papa doesn't have to know haha I'm kidding but YOU GET WHAT I MEAN RIGHT? 9-5 HAS TOO LITTLE HOURS!) just so I get a place to stay (you seriously have no idea how many hours were spent going through websites and calling people and inspecting apartments COS APPARENTLY, YOU CANNOT RENT A PROPERTY WITHOUT PRIOR INSPECTION AND THIS IS JUST A PAIN IN THE ASS but I can understand its practicality), water (ok so they automatically transferred the water bill to my name but that's cos there's only one water company!), internet and electricity.


Especially when people don't do things right. Is it so goddamn hard to turn on the fucking electricity when you say you will?! Cos Origin didn't. I got so pissed off at their lousy service that I changed to a different company JUST BECAUSE (thx to Happy for helping me with this cos I had no internet then and I get shitty reception at my new apartment). Fuck the termination fee. $22 is NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SATISFACTION I GET.

TPG took forever to set up (roughly 10-20 working days) and the installation is horribly expensive (I think, never really checked but I'm pretty sure it's above 100aud) but they have the best package in Melb (I THINK). Super fast & limitless. I could Skype all day, download all night and never have to worry about capping my plan or paying a ludicrous amount for going over the data limit or whatever.

And the worst part about it all is how much I care. I wanted to be carefree and stupid and young forever. If you told me I'd grow up, become a boring and responsible adult, I would've done something outrageous. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! I'M GETTING THERE. I've become EVERYTHING I NEVER WANTED TO BE. Worrisome, stable, squished into a mold. I used live by 'all or nothing'! Now I have to tell myself to 'live a little'. Society has tamed me.

Woa. I'm either getting very pissed off or it's the MOTHERFUCKING FLY THAT JUST CAN'T SEEM TO LEAVE ME ALONE! It's flying around like it OWNS THE PLACE.

Ok. So...

I'm sure everyone's heard of Candy Crush by now and if you haven't, you've either been living under a rock or is amazingly hipster. The previous sentence was completely pointless cos I wasn't trying to make a point (or was I? Eeee guess you'll never know). I just wanted to put it out there. G'nite.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pause & Breathe

We had a little surprise visitor today.

Adam spotted the possum and whispered for me to go over to him. My first instinct was to smother it with food. I suppose this is how women cultivate their passion for feeding children. I guess somewhere along the line, we equate food with care. According to google, they love bananas and carrots so we gave it some. 

After half a banana, it got really courageous and poked its head through the tiny crack of our sliding doors, asking for more food. 

But after 2 slices of carrots, it waddled away. I guess it didn't really fancy carrots afterall.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Year of the Venomous Snake

This isn't going to be a very happy post. But let's start off with two very belated photos.


There was a lot going on during CNY, but one thing overshadowed the rest.

My companion of more than a decade left me on Valentines Day. I have never really liked Valentines Day because I never understood its significance, so thanks for giving me a reason.

I remember getting Beauty when I was around 12 from a puppy mill (I'm sorry to say I didn't know much about dogs back then and the cruelty of humans) so she suffered from skin disorders and health issues all throughout her life. She also had an extra nipple on her leg. Patchy and flaky skin. But Beauty is actually a replacement puppy. The first Beauty was about 6 weeks old and dying when I got her so the breeders replaced her with Beauty II. So please, please do not get a dog for your child (or yourself) without doing prior research about 1. how to choose a breeder and 2. how to care for a dog. I used to believe that dogs are nothing more than a plaything (not even a playmate) - one you feed and train to sit.

But I've grown from then and so have you, my friend. Thank you for allowing me the chance to show you the love and care (for they are very different things) you deserved. Thank you for being my comfort and friend. Thank you for growing up with me. Thank you for waiting 10 months for me. Thank you for allowing me to spend the last two months of your life with you. Thank you for calling out to me one last time with your last breath. Thank you for the memories.