Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Funny story time!

People keep telling me that I get into the most hilarious situations. My twin cousins insist that I would make a wonderful vlogger if only I would take that leap because apparently I crack them up.

I have mini adventures all the time and it's time I start to document them! They are always a mixture of my warped logic, carelessness and mostly luck. I doubt that these things would happen to just about anyone. It's luck and attraction, I guess. I try to look for the funny side of life and it just happens to want to show me. However, I've yet to get into serious trouble - like getting myself stranded - but I'm sure it'll still be a funny adventure to me.

Sudden revelation: Maybe I'm just too positive for my own good.

Today, the bf & I went to Happy's place to dins, like we always do on Tuesdays and got into a few games of Saboteur until about 10:45ish and set off home. I was playing a game of Candy Crush and Adam, for some obscure reason, suddenly took an interest in it and started chatting about how I was going to lose and if I lost, it would be his turn. He has NEVER been interested in Candy Crush before, often commenting that it's a silly game that silly people play so I let him play one round, thinking that I could get him hooked.

Once I passed my phone to him, I realized that nobody was keeping track of our surroundings or number of stops! I stood up suddenly, looked out the window and because I'm such a bad judge of character (lol I know irrelevant) and direction/environment/location I asked if we're at our stop. I suppose my panic was contagious because the next thing I knew, the tram driver opened up the doors to let us out and we found ourselves standing in an unfamiliar place.

I looked at Adam and said, "This isn't the place. Why didn't you say something?!"
His reply, "I don't know? Your panic made me nervous."

So, great. We were somewhere and nowhere! I took a few steps down and saw a waiting tram. Doubtful that I could be that lucky, I asked the driver if the tram would be passing through the road we stayed. She said yes and I convinced myself that Melbourne, as they always said, was built with squares in mind. We were probably only one block away from the tram stop we were supposed to get off at, so I told myself that we would be one block away from our place if we got on the tram.

Boy was I ever wrong. You see, trams turn. They don't just go straight down a road. We ended up a good 30mins walk away from our place. Not knowing what to do, we begun the long trek home. I found it all funny, of course. The first time he took an interest in Candy Crush, this happened!

Just as I accepted our fate, what should barrel by on the empty street but the tram we were supposed to board! We ran like maniacs, and although we were on the wrong side of the street, the tram driver probably took pity on us and opened the doors for us - on the wrong side of the tram. I have never been so thankful for a kind stranger!

What were the odds?

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