Monday, March 25, 2013


I've begun my intern at Nuffnang as part of my course work for Project A. The other part is keeping a journal of the whole experience so here it is! Last semester, I went on a personal project which resulted in 5 photoshoots with my gorgeous twin cousins in hopes of improving my photography and also to learn how to collaborate with others. This semester, I hope to gain work experience to better my social skills, initiative and how to be a team member.

I will be going in twice every week, after I finish class, from 11:30 until 5:30pm. I feel like such a grown up! Look at me, with an almost nine to fiver. 

I went in today and met the crew. They are all so friendly, kind and has a generally wholesome feel - I couldn't help but feel well looked after in a good place. The manager - David - made sure I wasn't idling by (which I love! Because there is nothing worse than going to work only to have nothing to do) and they share their space with two other companies and one of them rescue dogs! I AM IN HEAVEN. I was assigned to the community department which included event & talent management. I spent the day updating the statistics of the bloggers and I had to update the documents individually - thrice. I can tell you that I've become extremely proficient at copy and paste on a Mac lol. No, seriously, I didn't really know how to use a Mac until today! 

Other than my awesome skill at picking up new skills, I was asked to organize documents chronologically and to track more numbers regarding their recent advance screening event for 20th Century Fox. 

Upon completing my tasks, I was shooed home because it was 5:30pm. I have never been asked to go home before. The exact words were, "It's 5:30! What are you doing? Get out of here!" 

It certainly isn't something I've heard before outside of a movie, so, for that one fleeting moment, I felt like I was in one. And I could get used to it... For a month. 

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