Monday, March 18, 2013


I believe I may have made a similar post last year when I got TPG. Promising everyone more updates and blah dee blah blah. Well you know what? I'm going to stop making promises cos it seems like promises are made only to be broken. But I've just gotten TPG and it didn't feel right not contributing to my blog when I'm finally able! :D

So here's the thing, I really hate moving. I like the organizing, unpacking part but I hate the maintaining and technical bits. I don't like to write 200 emails or call 200 people in a day (all to be done before 5pm of course cos those are the working hours and I don't get up till 12pm shh papa doesn't have to know haha I'm kidding but YOU GET WHAT I MEAN RIGHT? 9-5 HAS TOO LITTLE HOURS!) just so I get a place to stay (you seriously have no idea how many hours were spent going through websites and calling people and inspecting apartments COS APPARENTLY, YOU CANNOT RENT A PROPERTY WITHOUT PRIOR INSPECTION AND THIS IS JUST A PAIN IN THE ASS but I can understand its practicality), water (ok so they automatically transferred the water bill to my name but that's cos there's only one water company!), internet and electricity.


Especially when people don't do things right. Is it so goddamn hard to turn on the fucking electricity when you say you will?! Cos Origin didn't. I got so pissed off at their lousy service that I changed to a different company JUST BECAUSE (thx to Happy for helping me with this cos I had no internet then and I get shitty reception at my new apartment). Fuck the termination fee. $22 is NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SATISFACTION I GET.

TPG took forever to set up (roughly 10-20 working days) and the installation is horribly expensive (I think, never really checked but I'm pretty sure it's above 100aud) but they have the best package in Melb (I THINK). Super fast & limitless. I could Skype all day, download all night and never have to worry about capping my plan or paying a ludicrous amount for going over the data limit or whatever.

And the worst part about it all is how much I care. I wanted to be carefree and stupid and young forever. If you told me I'd grow up, become a boring and responsible adult, I would've done something outrageous. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! I'M GETTING THERE. I've become EVERYTHING I NEVER WANTED TO BE. Worrisome, stable, squished into a mold. I used live by 'all or nothing'! Now I have to tell myself to 'live a little'. Society has tamed me.

Woa. I'm either getting very pissed off or it's the MOTHERFUCKING FLY THAT JUST CAN'T SEEM TO LEAVE ME ALONE! It's flying around like it OWNS THE PLACE.

Ok. So...

I'm sure everyone's heard of Candy Crush by now and if you haven't, you've either been living under a rock or is amazingly hipster. The previous sentence was completely pointless cos I wasn't trying to make a point (or was I? Eeee guess you'll never know). I just wanted to put it out there. G'nite.

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