Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Year of the Venomous Snake

This isn't going to be a very happy post. But let's start off with two very belated photos.


There was a lot going on during CNY, but one thing overshadowed the rest.

My companion of more than a decade left me on Valentines Day. I have never really liked Valentines Day because I never understood its significance, so thanks for giving me a reason.

I remember getting Beauty when I was around 12 from a puppy mill (I'm sorry to say I didn't know much about dogs back then and the cruelty of humans) so she suffered from skin disorders and health issues all throughout her life. She also had an extra nipple on her leg. Patchy and flaky skin. But Beauty is actually a replacement puppy. The first Beauty was about 6 weeks old and dying when I got her so the breeders replaced her with Beauty II. So please, please do not get a dog for your child (or yourself) without doing prior research about 1. how to choose a breeder and 2. how to care for a dog. I used to believe that dogs are nothing more than a plaything (not even a playmate) - one you feed and train to sit.

But I've grown from then and so have you, my friend. Thank you for allowing me the chance to show you the love and care (for they are very different things) you deserved. Thank you for being my comfort and friend. Thank you for growing up with me. Thank you for waiting 10 months for me. Thank you for allowing me to spend the last two months of your life with you. Thank you for calling out to me one last time with your last breath. Thank you for the memories.


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