Saturday, April 13, 2013

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I've been sick. Again. Actually, I'm still sick.

I remember last year when I came to Melbourne, I only got sick once or twice. Now I've only been here for 2 months and I've been sick twice and have had an inflamed Achilles tendon. Not that I'm keeping track but WHAT IS THIS? Hello, immune system. You aren't doing your job. And body. OI. STAPH.

I had some kind of sinus infection and then I inflamed my Achilles tendon due to work. Oh, I'm a waitress now at Hawkers Cafe (Glenferrie Road) which serves the best (and I do not use this term lightly) Hainanese chicken rice so come by and have some even if you have to commute 2 hours. I don't care. It's good and you have to try it. Anyway, the doctor said that I inflamed the stupid tendon because I wasn't used to standing (ok that sounded stupid so lets add) too much. And I stood for 3 days straight. People who don't know me well didn't seem to believe me when I said that but honestly? I wouldn't believe anyone who told me that too. I'd be like pfft what do you mean because you stood for too long? HAHA stupid bitch. So I guess I should feel blessed that my family and friends did and were really concerned. Actually, I do. Not one of them scoffed at me or doubted me. I am incredibly lucky for people like that in my life.

Anyway, now I have this pain in my gums where my wisdom tooth is. Lai's convinced me that it's because my body is too heaty due to all the fries and late nights. I hate telling this to non-Chinese people because they just don't get it and I have to explain what it is but I'm really not good at that. So please don't ask me. Google should have had eradicated any need for asking questions. Before the pain started I remember skyping with my brother and he saw me eating fries and was all, "OMG. Why are you so unhealthy. Fries for dinner?!" Or something along those lines obviously I am not able to remember what he said word for word. And I replied, "It's healthy! It wasn't fried with oil, I used the convec oven so it's healthy!" Wise words, me. Baked stuff is just as heaty and probably as unhealthy.

Yesterday, it hurt so bad I stayed in bed the whole day, curled up with The Mortal Instruments after going to the clinic and called in sick for my intern job at Nuffnang. :( The doctor gave me antibiotics and drops but what I really wanted and need are painkillers! I tried panadol and that shit did nothing. I was moaning and acting like I broke my leg.

"Lai, water please." "Lai, I hunger. I want porridge!!!" "Lai, I wanna die." "Laiiiii..."

He told me that I am the worst patient ever and if I were ever admitted into the hospital, the nurse assigned to me would probably resign. But that's why he's forever my number 1 because he is probably the only person in the whole entire world who can stand me and still make me laugh.

Today, I decided that I should get out of the house so we went shopping! Nothing like shopping to take away the pain, eh? Then Alice texted me, asking me to let her know if I was interested in watching Warm Bodies. I replied with an "ok". After thinking about how stupid the trailer was and how adamant I was about NOT WATCHING THAT STUPID MOVIE ABOUT ZOMBIE LOVE, I texted her again and said I don't want to watch it. But she replied that she already got my ticket cos she thought my "ok" meant that I was interested. OH GOD WHAI. But I took it as a sign and went to watch it and it was actually... Pretty good! The only reason why it was alright is because it was funny! I can't help but compare it with Twilight. Twilight failed because the director is crap (The Host turned out alright, didn't it?) and because well... It was a serious love story with sparkly vampires and that just doesn't translate well on screen. This brings me to my next point...

Everytime someone asks me if I like Twilight, I'm hesitant in my reply because I don't know if they are referring to the books or the movies. I absolutely HATED the movies but I LOVED the books. Team Jacob, by the way. I know you're wondering. But the thing is, most people have only watched the movies and they prejudge other people for liking Twilight at all! I know I shouldn't care, but nobody likes to be judged.

Anyway, I got a box of Garnier dye and we dyed our hair black. I was sick of my accidental ombre (meaning my black color faded) and Lai was sick of his colored hair. So I dyed his hair and he dyed mine. We only used half a box because I only had to dye the bottom half of my hair and he's a guy. I really like those conditioner that comes with dyes. They should sell it and package it "as used in box dyes". It leaves hair so freaking soft and tangle free. I also love the Liese ones.

Ok goodnight. I shall leave you with this gag I modified corrected:

Yes the words I added are pink and hard to read. Problem?

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