Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogilates - slim down with Youtube!

Cassey's a certified fitness instructor who has a Youtube channel with her workout videos!

Whaaat? I know!!

That's Cassey's catchphrase and my bf laughs everytime he hears that. She's so fun and is so genuinely excited about her workouts that her enthusiasm is contagious. I actually found her fake and a tryhard at first - furthermore, I wasn't impressed with her body. But like I said, she's contagious!

Many of her videos are less than 20 minutes but with so many videos, I'm sure you'll be able to find a few and come up with a customized 1 hour workout! So it's time to cancel that gym membership :P

I'm going with her Victoria Secret series because it sounds like I'll look like a supermodel when I'm done with it haha but I'm honestly more interested in being slim or toned rather than athletic aka gym bunny.

It's a matter of personal preference, I know that there are girls out there who prefer sculpted arms and 6 pack abs and there's nothing wrong about that but I'm happy with slim arms and 11 abs. I probably would just do these workouts once and never do them again cos I'm paranoid about becoming buff because she looks kinda buff. And the body I want is probably achievable through eating clean. Mostly I just wanna share her with all of you girls! And because it's easier for me to have all her videos in one place hahaha... Also, the chart above is based on my definitions. I do not claim that it is the universal standard, but feel free to agree with me lol.

Ok, on to the videos!

You gotta check out her blog and be wowed by the before and after pictures of women who lost tons of weight thanks to Cassey's work out videos! 


  1. Your chart is kind of offensive, I mean seriously, whale, anorexic (which is not close, trust me) and man? I belong to the slim category and yet I felt insulted by such a reference to other women.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I think your opinion is justified - but so is my own. Perspective is subjective and I'm glad you disagree with me, so that others know that there is no right or wrong and that what is fat to me is clearly not universally accepted and vice versa. The chart is how I perceive women bodytypes, so I'm not surprised you take offence in the words I chose but I do find it surprising that you find the need to declare you are what I think is slim.

  2. That chart is absolutely sick. We do not, I repeat we do not, shame people on their bodies. No matter how big or unhealthy they are-nobody is getting healthier by being called things like "whale" or "fatty". And it is absolutely disgusting to call a woman who is muscular a man. It just plays into ridiculous gender roles. A woman and a man can look however buff they please to-it does not take away their right to be called their own gender. The "anorexic" body type is simply awful. What gives you the right to say that just because a woman is that skinny, she is anorexic? News flash: different body types exist. I know tons of people who are that skinny, and are not anorexic. My body type is curvy, and I take great offence to see that you call me chubby. I run and exercise everyday, and I eat completely clean. So no, I am not chubby. And I read your comment saying "Perspective is subjective", well honey if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Simple as that. It saddens me to see such ignorance and cruelty. Shame on you.

  3. So... Krysia, are you being nice? Or is being nice reserved for those you judge to be nice, and is honesty undeserving of this niceness?

    I stand by my previous comment, that I'm glad you disagree with me, so that people know that there is no solid ground on what is acceptable or what is not because it is all subjective. But who are you to decide that being manly or anorexic-looking is not desired? I strove to look anorexic for years when I was younger and for all you know, someone out there aspires to look like a whale.

    Furthermore, I am not shaming anyone through my use of words, but you are with yours. You are telling people that there is something to be shameful about by telling me I cannot shame people on their bodies when I had no such intent.

    I understand that you are upset because you are chubby by my standards despite all your work & effort, but I don’t understand why it bothers you so much. Perspective is subjective. You have yours, I have mine and everyone else has theirs. Perhaps you’re considered slim by someone else, but your opinion of yourself should be the only opinion that matters. Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  4. You are using derogatory words in a derogatory form to describe people's bodies. Therefore yes, whether you intend to or not, you are shaming people's body types. You musn't be surprised that people are offended by this chart. In order to create a positive world where we accept one and other, it is time to send out positive messages. Before you speak or post on the internet, put your words through 3 filters: Is it true? Is it necessary? And the most important, is it kind? Please think twice before you post or speak.

  5. Is it true? Truth is subjective.
    Is it necessary? Opinions seldom are.