Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 3

Today I updated more stats, replied emails, licked envelopes - not literally cos that would be gross. I actually wrote addresses - who knew that I still needed to write in this age, right? I feel like attacking past me and forcing myself to cultivate my handwriting till it looked like a printed FONT. I really hate those people who write like they have an actual font hardwired into them. It is so unfair. And then I attached sticker stamps onto the envelopes. STICKER STAMPS!

DUDE. I used to collect both stickers and stamps. I was a bit of a hoarder when I was a kid... And I still love digressing. Anyway, I also did a teensy bit of filing. Filing! Another one of those adult things I never thought I'd have to do which made me feel really grown up.

But the best part was when David brought us all out for lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant! Personally, I have never been to an Italian joint before, and the most Italian food I have ever had is probably pizza or bolognaise so the menu was very confusing. 

However, everyone was so helpful it was almost overwhelming so I just picked the first thing that made sense to me (some kind of fish on some kind of citrusy salad) cos I felt bad that I was holding everyone up! 

Now feast your eyes!

Oh, yea. ^ This fishie above is mine. 

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