Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 6

Today I was asked to create more graphics.

Source: Know Your Memes
And here it is!

I made the cover. :D

And then it was back to profile cards. I also complied some tweets to go out during the week and made a draft for Nuffnang's blog which will be scheduled to go out in May.

I love scouring for tweets because that means I get to read blog posts and I'm always on the lookout for awesome blogs. I've discovered that bloggers who have a higher readership are often those brimming with passion. They don't do a half arsed post and call it a day, they take the time to do everything and do it properly. However, very few (except the extremely established ones) can afford to go on for too long without publishing anything because it will cost them their readership. I mean, imagine going to a shop daily and realizing that there's never anything new, why would anyone bother checking it out as often?

But what I want to say is, passion truly matters. Some people think that they can post a play-by-play of their day and get away with it or just chuck a filler post out there and wait for fame and recognition but trust me, the effort you put into your blog shows.

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