Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up

I miss Avril. She was my favorite. I loved how she tries too hard, is a brat, rebels and yet still plays nice because it emulated how real she is because we all try a little too hard sometimes and we can all be brats, we all rebel once in a while and we're usually nice to people who are nice to us. And being pretty never hurt anyone.

Under My Skin is probably the best album but we rocked out to Girlfriend in my final year of middle school. I remember blasting Girlfriend on the PA system during recess along with JT's What Goes Around and all the shit which ensued. It was hilarious then and is still pretty funny. 

Now she's back with a brand new track and I'm pretty sure you can guess how much I can relate. 

So here's to never growing up. 

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