Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review & Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

I don't know why I've never done one of these posts. I certainly have enough lipstuff to last me several lifetimes. The boyfriend constantly has to remind me that "you already have that shade!" in his exasperated tone BUT HE'S A BOY AND WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT COLOR, HUH?!

I'm sure the whole world knows about Revlon ColorBust Lip Butters though! I've only recently acquired them and I'm hoping to share it with those that haven't heard about this amazing product!!!

This post isn't sponsored or anything, but I received them as presents from my friends when I expressed my interest in purchasing them. *^^* I initially complied a list and wanted to purchase them all when I returned home to Kuching. I asked the same friends to scope out the prices and guess what! In Kuching it retails at approximately RM25 (Watsons & Parkson & Facelook) while in Melbourne it's AUD21.95 (Priceline). But... Kuching has limited colors while Priceline has them ALL! Anyway, they bought all the colors they could get their hands on for me (with repeats cos neither knew of the others' plan haha). I am so touched by their gesture because the boyfriend would probably have stopped me from purchasing all the colors I wanted. And I'm glad for a variety because I have always wanted to try out lip colors outside of my pink comfort zone!

Many lipsticks claim to protect and moisturize your lips but truly how many does it? I have rather sensitive lips, they are always dry or peeling and I remember that L'Oreal 6 Hour Glam Shine (the one I had was Tempting Pink and was produced a few years back so I'm not sure if they updated the formula) really took its toll on my lips. I loved the glittery, high gloss, hydrated look Glam Shine gave me but my lips had such an adverse reaction towards them! My lips would shed every single time after about half an hour of Glam Shine on my lips. And it really didn't help that I love to chew on my lips and peel dead skin off them.

But Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters work the way they claim to. Instant hydration and glossy lips. Allow me to digress: I actually never realized that there are two kinds of lipstick - matte & glossy - until my friend pointed out to me that she looks better in matte lipstick. It was then I realized why some people's lipstick looks more natural than others. Matte = natural. Glossy = obviously not! But if you're the kind of girl (or guy) who loves having fun and juicy lips. YOU'VE FOUND YOUR HOLY GRAIL LIPSTICK.

I 100% RECOMMEND THEM! Especially since they come in ALL SHADES:


What's your favorite color?

I currently have 5: (THANKS TO LIZARDSIEW)

Before we begin the onslaught of swatches, I'm really sorry about the lighting. I haven't gotten the hang of doing selca with a badongkadonk camera and I kept shifting around and my lipstick probably isn't applied very perfectly (have yet to learn how!) and I might redo them in the future although knowing me, I most definitely will!!!

Ok, so I've decided to take another set of photos with flash. Here are both to make up for my inadequate skills. But I will update the photos once I am more experienced and is able to take more professional looking selcas! :)

Update: 10/04/13 I've uploaded a new set of (hopefully) more professional looking photos taken in natural lighting. I've decided that natural lighting can be a bitch because it's a total race against time. Especially when you have to remove and reapply lipstick as perfectly as you can while trying not to lose the light. But enough of my rambling! Enjoy my hard work:

Au Naturale
Just so you know what kind of base we're starting off with!

As you can see my natural color is pretty washed out and my lips are constantly chewed up.

080 Strawberry Shortcake

This is my favorite out of the lot because it's a soft creamy pink. It's also got the softest texture - not sure if it is because it is the best loved one (meaning I use it the most) or if it's just manufactured that way. But be wary of bringing this lipstick out with you during hot, humid days because its buttery texture makes it prone to melting. It's more true to the non-flash picture. I don't understand why it came out lavender tinged in the flash. o.o

070 Cherry Tart

My first ever RED lipstick. This one is slightly firmer than Strawberry Shortcake but still plenty soft and it has a pearly sheen to it. Very Blair Waldorf. I only applied one layer for the flash photo just because it was the last photo I took and I was honestly so tired of applying and removing lipstick!!! It's no excuse but just FYI its color intensity should be a lot richer.

075 Lollipop

My first ever fuchsia lipstick. I usually hate loud, purplish pinks but this feels totally vintage! It's a vibrant lipstick that really delivers that punch. To me, it's a party color and I often reach for it on my night outs or when I want to make an impression. The flash photo is more true to its actual color.

025 Peach Parfait

This is like the exact shade of my lips, with glitter!!! It has the sandiest texture because of all the glitter (I don't understand why the glitter doesn't show up well on camera but trust me it's glittery) and feels more like wax than butter. It is probably the least moisturizing and the hardest to get out because it's stickier and sparkly.

085 Sugar Plum

The least favorable color (on me, anyway). It's a dark plum colored lipstick which makes me look like I forgot to wipe my lips after eating chocolate or like I'm poisoned and is about to die. I haven't reached for this at all but I probably will this coming Halloween when I dress up as a witch or zombie! I think it looks kinda like Peach Parfait but a lot darker... I don't know why it looks prettier with flash tho.

Some of them are more moisturizing than others. I don't know why, but Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Tart and Lollipop are more moisturizing than Peach Parfait or Sugar Plum. Their textures are also different, with the former 3 being creamier and the latter 2, sandier.

* * *

My bf was so funny. I had all the cropped photos open in photoshop and while I was smudging the fuck out of my skin, he looked me like this:


"That's a lot of lips."

Anyway, I'm definitely planning on getting more. Especially: Sweet Tart! And stock up on Strawberry Shortcake while I'm at it because ever since L'Oreal discontinued Glam Shine Strawberry Sorbet (which did not kill my lips whatsoever and gave me the shimmeriest lips ever!) I live in a constant state of FEAR that another one of my favorite product will be sentenced to NONEXISTENCE forever!

My next lippie target?

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in High Heels, Trendsetter and Front Row/Couture. Maybe even something out of my comfort zone like It Girl, Private Viewing.

And guess what. Those lipsticks are not matte or glossy but SATIN. How cool is that? You learn something new every day. HAH. To see the lip butters in action, follow me on Instagram @veyroniqa!


  1. I think I would prefer to have Au Naturale or sugar pulm :p

  2. I have 4 of theses. To me the fail would be Peach Parfait. Upon application is beautiful but once the colour starts to wear off, my lips look weird because it is all glittery.

    Love your review and how u posted pictures with and without flash for comparison.

  3. Strawberry shortcake looks wonderful