Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dinner at Sahni's (Hawthorn, Melbourne)

Sahni's on Urbanspoon"What do you want for dinner?"
"Where do you wanna go for dinner?"

I'm sure these questions plague everyone, but since coming to Melb, we either eat at home or if we head out for food, we always end up at Rococo (one of the nicer restaurants in Glenferrie road) or have junk food like pizza/kebabs/burgers.

We want to try new food but every time we go out, we end up at one of the few places we've been to and liked so we don't have to risk a bad dinner! I know there are websites like, but everyone's taste in food and standard is different. What one person claims to be the best may be the worst for another individual. 

So, we're starting from one end of Glenferrie road, all the way towards the other end and back. And when we're done with that, we'll start nomming our way around - but always nearby, and on every Saturday. We've skipped one Saturday already, but that's because I was horribly, horribly ill with fever. But we'll make up for that by going to two places this week! 

Here's from the Saturday before last: Sahni's. 

The atmosphere of the place is rather dingy as opposed to a classily dimmed restaurant. The place looked drab and uncared for. I'm not saying there were cobwebs or unhygienic. It just looked stained. Like the menu. 

Anyway, appearances aside, the service was less than stellar. Actually, I felt like the staff really couldn't be fucked. Upon entering, we waited to be seated, but since no one came towards us, we made our way towards a table and as we we seating ourselves, a waiter (which I suspect to be the manager) asked us to sit at another table. He didn't even make the effort to approach us, he just stood at the table he wanted us to sit at and gestured to it.

After we sat down, he gave us the menu and water and went behind the counter and started playing with his phone. I couldn't care less about the phone, but he didn't realize we were ready to order and when I called for him he told me to give him a second and continued to poke his phone.

Dafuk? I don't care if you own the restaurant but if you honestly think it's ok to ignore customers in favor of your phone, well... Shit. 

We ordered beef briyani (left), chicken vindaloo (right). While the portions look small, they are deceptively so, because we couldn't finish it all. Look at all that coriander! I hate coriander. I also found out I hate spiced food. The chicken vindaloo was too salty and when either of us say something is salty, it damn right is. Because we love salt. We are the sort of people to pile on the salt and smother our food in it. And that chicken vindaloo tasted like they used half a cup of salt in it. On the other hand, the beef briyani was alright despite the coriander. 

And then there's the garlic naan. I like naan. I used to make my friends drive me up to 7th mile (in Kuching) for cheese naan. So I know what naan should taste like. But this naan - although tasty - had that store bought texture. 

The whole meal costed about $30. 

So all things considered, I will NOT recommend this restaurant. 

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