Monday, June 3, 2013

♥ 030613

You know that shock, that feeling when realization dawns upon you? That's the state of being I am in right this instant - in shock that after years and years of preschool, primary school, secondary school, uni life... It's finally come to an end.

But I'm not one to make a big deal out of life events. 

So anyway, I went to watch X Factor in April and Australia's Got Talent two days ago! X Factor had many horrible singers. I am still mentally cringing from all that pain my ears had to suffer, but there were some amazing ones. It's really weird, to go from LOLOMG to ZOMG in the space of minutes. One second you're laughing at the contestant and shell shocked into silence the next. There was two that stood out but me being me never noted their names. I was ready for Australia's Got Talent. 

Aiden (I don't know if his name is spelt right but), a 12 year old boy who looks like a miniature J.B totally blew me away. When I saw him come on stage I smirked. I saw a douchebag wannabe and so I hoped in the heart of my heart that he would crash and burn horribly. But he didn't. He blew me the fuck away and I gave him a standing O for As Long As You Love Me. GOD. 

Maggie (I also don't know if  her name is spelt right, maybe it's Magi who knows) is - I think - a 10 year old girl who danced like an angel. It. Brought. Tears. To. My. Eyes. Her acting was beautiful, her expression worn with such true sorrow. Her dance was fluid, she went from standing to prostrating to leaping through the air so seamlessly. I couldn't move at all, I wanted to cheer even louder for her than for Aiden but I just sat there, too touched to even clap my hands. 

But maybe it's because of the song.

Edit/ I realized that some of my readers are unable to watch the original video from CrystalShwandaVevo so I uploaded it but it was banned by Youtube so here's a lower quality one. o.o


  1. Babe. Can I hv yr fb account ? Im sha. I think I bought my suggie frm you way back in 2011. I need to ask you something abt transporting sg from kuch to kl. care to help babe? Thanks

    1. hi! i remember you! feel free to email me at xvlsyx at! :)