Monday, June 17, 2013

Dinner at I Spicy (Hawthorn, Melbourne)

Ok my life lacks any semblance of a routine. BUT I MUST TRY. And eff working from one end of Glenferrie to the other. We'll eat what we want, as long as its something new!

I Spicy is a thai eatery opposite Safeway. Its appearance is shockingly plain and if not for the large crowds, we would never have tried it and be pleasantly surprised!

I hate coriander and spring onions and shallots and always end up picking them painstakingly out of my food. Sometimes I let a couple of spring onions or shallots (I LOVE FRIED SHALLOTS) slide but CORIANDER WILL NEVER BE RECEIVED BY THE SAME GRACE.

We've actually gone back a few times for the same food such as pad thai (first), crispy pork in red curry (middle) - DEFINITE MUST TRY - and crispy pork with kangkung (last). Each dish is about AUD10.

i Spicy on UrbanspoonTheir crispy pork is without a doubt, their best seller but I think it could be crispier and more tender, but perfection is subjective! Aside from that, the food is really tasty and ranges from mild to shit your pants spicy so make sure you don't overestimate your capacity for spicy food because we all know what happens when spicy food comes out from the other end. :D

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