Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dinner at Sofia (Camberwell, Melbourne)

Sofia's Pizza House on UrbanspoonSofia is at Camberwell, a train stop away from Glenferrie. It's a rather large restaurant, with friendly staff and delicious food and cheap ice cream/gelato!

Feast your eyes...

Garlic bread with cheese. I think that this is the best garlic bread with cheese I've ever had. The crust is crispy and it's sooo fluffy on the inside! More like pizza than garlic bread but still delicious. AUD6.10 as entree and AUD9.40 as a main. I forgot which we ordered.

Bolognese spaghetti. Nothing special here. It's bolognese. My mother, your mother and everyone's mother knows how to make it. I have yet to try mind blowing bolognese.

Seafood linguine with cream sauce. Again, nothing special. The only thing worth noting is that the prawns and scallops are so fresh! I would probably never have seafood that fresh in Kuching. But you can't have everything...

Lasagna with bacon! I was really excited to try this because the word bacon is a promise in itself but it disappointed me. I could hardly taste the bacon and the sauce is the same sauce they used for the bolognese, but honestly, it was to be expected. Lasagna is just substituting spaghetti with sheets of pasta.

Ice cream and gelato at only AUD8! Look at that monster. It has 8 flavors, if I'm not mistaken. And for an ice cream lover like myself, it is a slice of cheap heaven lol.

The pastas and pizzas are within AUD16 and the seafood and steaks within AUD26. The portions are HUGE. Nothing was finished, except for the lasagna and ice cream because the lasagna came in a relatively smaller portion and I LOVE ICE CREAM!

Despite the food being just above average, I would recommend it for a casual night out when you don't really care what you put into your tummy as long as it tastes decent and is decently priced. When you pair those two with great service, I'm pretty much won over.

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