Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: b.liv sensitive salvation repair & rescue mask

"repair & rescue smuggles signs of cell regeneration into the skin's deepest layers - intensively healing impaired or damaged skin, while boosting skin renewal and cell functioning - giving it a leg-up in rejuvenation and hydration. Its soothing ingredients sing all irritations and sensitiveness to sleep - ensuring that soft smooth and healthy skin is yours to keep!"

Key Active Ingredients: Ginkgo Extract, Sea Fennel Callus Culture Extract, Licorice Extract

I love the texture of the mask. Adheres nicely to skin but prone to slipping a teeny bit because of the copious amount of essence!

It's a little too big in some areas, especially the mouth and jaw area, but other than that, I don't have no qualms with its design whatsoever. Too big is better than too small (I will never get over my aversion to Love More masks because they are so uncomfortably small) and it fits my nose perfectly!!!

After application, it warmed up a little bit so I suspect it's working its magic on my inflamed and hormonal skin. My skin gets agitated when it's that time of the month (I realized that I only use this mask once a month and only during that time of the month lol). Enlarged pores which lead to inflammation and blackheads. Oh, joy!

But the mask really does its job well, so well that I don't mind the lack of eyeflaps! My skin was peeling, red and had large pores but now it's less agitated (no more redness!), has minimized pores and smoother than usual! My skin is usually so quite dry and oily that when I use foundation/bb cream it enhances the little dry flakes on my face and increases oil production. Lucky me! Any solutions to my dry/oily skin problem is more than welcome! I have dry skin around my mouth, eyes and nose. Oily skin on my forehead and cheeks. BAH.

Also, be careful when unfolding the mask because I've torn a fair few.

The only downside about it is that it leaves a sticky residue as the essence dries. It's an uncomfortable feeling which gets increasingly annoying with each use because I use it right before I go to bed and I want to bury my face in my pillow and blanket, but can't because the stickiness disgusts me haha.

Will I repurchase, though?


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