Friday, June 28, 2013

The rest of my Brisbane Trip

I'm supergirl and I'm here to save the world~ But I wanna know who's gonna save me! Haha I kept singing that song when I was editing the above picture. Anyway, it was taken in Warner Bro's Movieworld! I wish I bought the cape. It's such a pretty pink!!! /.\

The first ride that we saw wasn't this one, but the Green Lantern. But this is the first ride I've ever seen that I said "NOPE" to. LOOK AT THAT STEEP CLIMB AND STEEPER DROP! Oh god. So, I turned my attention to the next ride (literally, the next ride I looked at was right beside Superman Escape): Batwing.

I've gone on a similar ride at Genting before, so it didn't seem particularly daunting so I kept telling Lai that it's all good, it's not that scary because it shoots up instead of like the ride at Genting which goes all the way up into the clouds and drops you after 10 seconds. Boy, was I wrong. I was not anticipating such a rush when it shot us into the air and I came down on wobbly legs. Lai looked like he would never trust me again.

Oh speaking of, when we went on Green Lantern, a girl sat down beside me with her friend. After securing herself to the seat, she started to cry and said that she wants to get off the ride! Seriously, who does that? She happily buckled herself into the seat and promptly changed her mind? LMAO. But that wasn't the best part. After the employees talked to her (and ignored her wishes - is that even legal?) they proceeded to start the ride and honestly, this is one ride I am never going to forget.

The little girl started screaming like someone was murdering her! I can still hear her shrill "NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NONONONONO! STOP! GET ME OUT OF HERE! STOP! I DON'T WANT TO GO ON THIS RIDE! NOOOOOOOO!!!".

Traumatized. For. Life.

I mean the little girl. I obviously think it's the funniest thing to ever happen to me.

Here are some foodshots I found in my phone which I neglected to upload to Instagram. Also, I only have like 10 photographs of myself and totally no selcas. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! HAHA.

Strawberries with frozen berry yogurt is yummy!!!

Overloading on cheese, not so much.

We had this awesome fish & chips near Seaworld! It is amazing. And fresh. I finished it all (and I usually stay far far away from fish & chips cos I think the fish is always stinky and blergh I hate it) and I wouldn't mind going back for more... Don't go for the crumbed one though, with fish & chips, battered is the way to go!

Also, look what I got from Seaworld!

I was really apprehensive about trying dirt, booger, earwax and any of the adventurous ones. I don't know why! It's as though I actually believe them to be what the flavors say they are! Just like when I was a corpse for a uni assignment and had to put fake blood in my mouth, I kept thinking it's blood and how disgusting it is for me to have blood in my mouth and I kept imagining that it's coagulating in my mouth even though it is really just chocolate with red food coloring.

Which reminds me, I never shared the video or blogged about it - although I did post a picture of a dead looking me on Insta... Anyway, here it is!

I think we did a pretty good job (group effort). :D

Back to Seaworld, we saw a dolphin show and they are absolutely beautiful. I kept thinking about Animorphs while watching them and remembering how they were always so enthusiastic about morphing dolphins because they were animals of pure joy.

They looked like they weren't performing for the sake of performing but actually enjoying every second of it.

How about that, a pair of dolphin jetskis! And then my cameras and phone died. If you want to know how I make GIFs, the post is coming up next so stay tuned by following me on Imotiv!

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