Sunday, July 28, 2013

So you think this is reality?

And every time they did it, the screens will flicker and the radio station changes or static would invade your ears for a mere second... That's when something goes wrong, when the patient comes to a revelation.

See, everyone goes about their happy little lives, but deep inside them a subconscious is left free to wonder... It would wonder what would wonder the idea of wonder. And it wonders why. Why does he wonder if there is no reason to? Your consciousness would supply your subconscious with what you have learnt and come up with a reason you think is valid. Such as the existence of God.

Perhaps your subconsciousness is meant to come to the conclusion that God allowed humans to wonder and therefore proving his existence, for humans could just be another animal without thought, and yet... Why the invention of Hell because God is so great his love transcends all? Believing in God would to believe in no hell, since Hell is for the unbelieving and sinners. But if God loves all, why would he punish sinners?

But that's when the horrible realization sets in... It was never about God or whatever reason your brain supplemented your subconscious with at all. What exists is that reality is warped. One day your mind will break the code and you will wake up screaming with people in white restraining you. You might wonder if you were wrong and that this was Heaven but you would realize they are telling you to calm down, that it is all a dream but you are in hysterics. That is when you accept the truth from that hidden part of your brain.

You know that the idea of you never existed, aside from in your mind. You were living a lie in a dream. A constant state of delusion. The world, the people, were all made up because you are all part of an experiment. Even the people attempting to subdue you is a figment of your imagination. A program designed to comfort you into thinking that everything you think is real, is. But the truth is the rules and constructs of society are merely a part of your imagination. The world you believe in, the governments, the countries, the races of people, even animals and entertainment news are all just in your head. Who knows if there is another human being at all? Maybe you're the only one.

Someone - or something - took an interest in us humans. It wanted to see how the human mind works so it created a prison and locked our minds away. It created worlds, different scenarios for different people to test whether we would come back to the same choices. Whether love could be quantified and explained. But no matter how our minds are preconditioned to believe the love of our life is ugly or wrong for us, we still find reason to love him or her.

They installed layers upon layers of alternative realities so that you may never discover the truth. Which reality is real? What is real? And soon it does not matter because you are too tired to wonder. You decide that you would rather live a lie and be happy with the people you love rather than admit they never existed. It is the cage of the content: Those with much to lose do not play the game of risk.

Me? I accepted reality, but I couldn't find it in myself to let go of everything I thought I knew. My family, my friends and my love. Who cares if it is all just an illusion? It feels real enough to me.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Greatest Adventure

Furtive glances exchanged between the two.

"They are going to kill us." 

She heard his realization through the transcommunication link in her helmet. 

"What do we do?" 

Her eyes never left his as he charged his rider into the mechanical army which is blocking their only way out. 

"We give them hell." His exhilaration fueled her adrenaline as she revved her rider. 

There is comfort in knowing that death is the greatest adventure.

* * *

When you have a bad time falling asleep and your brain compensates by giving you an epic dream. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recipe: Ginger Honey Drink

... For period pains and menstrual cramps and any monthly discomforts!

Ye be warned, this is a girly topic and if you're a male who is still reading this I would assume you are a loving boyfriend/husband who wants to help his suffering significant other so bravo. I salute you.

All you need is honey, water and ginger!

Credits to Google Images

I pretty much eyeball everything and go by my gut feeling... Otherwise known as "agak agak" (Nasi Lemak 2.0 reference for non-Malaysians, but Malaysians should know what I mean). But for the sake of making your life easier...

600ml water 
A 1 inch x 1 inch chunk of ginger
1 cup of honey (honestly I just add honey till I'm happy with the taste) or if for some reason you dislike honey, brown sugar can be a good substitute... I read somewhere that brown sugar also alleviates period pain and stuff :D

1. Boil water
2. Deskin ginger
3. Chuck ginger into boiling water
4. Wait 15-20 minutes
5. Add honey/sugar, stir till it's all dissolved...

And there, it's ready to serve. Just be careful because in your haste to drink the fuming hot liquid, you may accidentally burn your tongue. In my glee, the cup burnt my knuckle so I spilt the drink all over myself resulting in my boyfriend giving me this look:

Source: Know Your Memes
But its best to drink it while it's still rather hot because warmth helps soothe cramps too!

I usually take it on the very first day, but you can drink it a few days before your period is due all the way till when your period is over. Anyway, just try it! You will thank me a hundred times over because I promise that this drink is all you'll ever need so kiss your pain pills goodbye!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

♥ 140713

So I have been playing DotA obsessively and therefore I have many screenshots to share!

Here I have a compilation of "I shouldn't be alive"s:

I have this fascination with barely getting away alive. Heh.

This! This is even rarer, we shouldn't be alive. The guy was laughing in exhilaration and disbelief if memory serves. But what else could he be saying at that very moment? "I feel like eating apple pie"?

And then there's this glitch... Someone randomed Roshan.

But it turns out to be just Meepo.

Lastly, and more epicly is a screenshot of my fastest game ever!

End within 19 minutes! Whoot. And don't judge me! HAHA. I was too busy figuring out how to use my hero to actively contribute.

Ok, DotA aside, I went to a shooting range yesterday (resulting in backaches and arm pains haha life) and it was really fun after I got over my fear of shooting myself and settled in to the weird position.

You have to hold the butt of the gun with your non-shooting hand and shove it against the shoulder of your shooting hand while you elbow points away from your body.

And most people have the leg of their shooting side raised at the knee - woa I'm so bad at descriptions hahaha but it kinda looks like you're halfway crawling. It didn't suit me at all. I ended up shooting with my left ankle crossed behind my right and it served me well!

I'm secretly very proud of myself although one of the dudes I went with said that my target doesn't prove my aim is good. To have good aim is to shoot right in the center of the bullseye and changing the target after every shot. But whatevs. Everyone else thought I had good aim. :D

When we were done we all had a bottle of VB, pretending to be good old Australians. Kicking back after a hard day of bush ranging.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dinner at Grill'd (CBD, Melbourne)

Grill'd is an Australian fast food chain. We have never had it before despite being here for over a year. Can you believe that? I assumed that we could have this in KL ahaha but no, I think it's exclusively Australian.

After ordering, you get to choose what kind of bun you prefer. I hate sesame seeds, so I always go for smooth buns in any burger joint.

Lai had Hot Hombre.

I had Mighty Melbourne!
Grill'd on Urbanspoon
The burgers are huge. I don't know why people make 5 foot tall burgers (obviously an exaggeration)! How am I going to fit that into my mouth? I hate pounding burgers flat because if I wanted a flat burger, I'd sit on it accidentally. The burgers are quite good, you can even taste the freshness of the ingredients. But I would probably never have it again because by the time I was done with it, my face and the table in front of me was filled with pieces of the burger and sauce.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dota 2 & Free Beta Keys!

UPDATE 10/07/13:

* * *

My friend gave me a beta key for Dota 2 and I have been playing it obsessively ever since. Now, I also have some beta keys to giveaway. So just leave me a comment with the email address you use for Steam (or email me if you're shy).

Some things I've noticed in Dota 2 are...

New interface!
It took me a while to figure out how to find and join a match. I kinda miss the sound of chains (Dota 1 players should understand) but you gain some, you lose some, right? And playing over Steam beats Garena any day! I've only played a handful of games with delay - none with fullout lag like what you might experience on Garena cos I think they host the matches for you. But correct me if I'm wrong.

Newbie friendly
Everyone has to play the tutorial before proceeding to the main menu. Although we worked around that by inviting whoever is stuck at the tutorial screen with a party invite. But that doesn't override the tutorial, you'll still have to play it eventually unless you have unlimited party invites from friends constantly. The tutorial isn't very helpful, IMO. There's so much more to the game than the tutorial covers but it does give you a general idea and very basic skills. The first few times I played a match, I felt like the gameplay has been significantly dumbed down. Example: The skill keys being QWER, like LoL; The hotkeys for items in the shop no longer work - you'll have to right click on whatever you want to buy, which deters players from buying the wrong items and if they do, they have the option to sell it within 5 or 10 seconds at the same price; Suggested items in the shop! AHAHA.

I remember getting scoffed at because I didn't follow the suggestions. FYI, it's called suggested items for a reason. GAH. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Dota is attempting to generate more interest by making the game easier to play but they don't seem to understand that new players would be coddled by the new system and will not have the standard of Dota 1 players who have to figure out which items would aid them in overcoming an opponent, taking into account the sort of heroes they themselves are using and you know, brainy stuff like that.

I miss Dota 1's opening sounds with the trumpet (?). I dislike the voice in Dota 2 which says "10 seconds remaining", "the battle begins", "the enemy's middle tower has fallen". Blergh. I don't need you to tell me that when there are sound cues and a huge timer! I'm glad that they kept the original "dominating", "double kill!", "trrrrrriple kill", "ultrakill" and "rampage" though! I'd be devastated if they got rid of those sounds - and I'm sure many Dota 1 players would too.

One thing I find fascinating is that characters have personalized sayings when you click on them, when they kill/deny and even when you type in stuff like "haha", "lol" or "thx"!

Lastly, that sound it makes to let you know your game is ready GETS ME EVERY TIME! It makes me jump because of how dramatic and loud it is.

Gorgeous background graphics
The map is gorgeous, so gorgeous that it kinda makes the characters look too fake and out of place. They should've gone with a darker theme so the heroes fit in more and not stick out like a sore thumb. But it's not too bad, considering. I'm probably biased because I liked them looking more Diablo.

Customizable heroes & couriers!
You can customize how your hero looks through items you receive from each game. Now my Naga has a coolass tail!

The default courier is a donkey which is ugly as hell. Apparently you have to purchase (with real money) to change your courier. There are a few cool looking ones but meh. It's just a courier and I've learnt to live with the ugly ass (get it? LOLOL). But there's this one beautifully pink item called 'trail of the lotus blossom' everyone should look out for! GORGEOUS!

Voice chat
This one's a nice surprise. Halfway through a game, someone said "BACK!". I think it's a nifty way to communicate because typing is so impractical. But I didn't know which key to press to activate the voice chat until I accidentally pressed 'G' while using Zeus (gahh took me a while to get used to the new skill keys) and realized that everyone could hear me.

Minimap & Alert & Shop Changes
You can draw on the minimap to signal how you want to approach the enemy or for fun. I never learnt how to do it though. And when you alert players using CTRL+Left click on runes, "Rune of Regeneration/Haste/Invisibility/Double Damage/Illusion here" would come up on your screen. I think it's nifty cos you don't have to click away from your hero to see what rune it is and therefore, no unexpected surprises.

Overall, I think that Dota 2 has improved in areas that required players to click away from their heroes during the game such as viewing runes or purchasing items while they are not next to the shop. You can now purchase items by clicking 'Shop' on your HUD (Heads-Up Display) but of course, the items from the secret shop can only be bought at the secret shop.

x x x

So yeah, would you try Dota 2? For those that have played both, what differences have you noticed?