Sunday, July 14, 2013

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So I have been playing DotA obsessively and therefore I have many screenshots to share!

Here I have a compilation of "I shouldn't be alive"s:

I have this fascination with barely getting away alive. Heh.

This! This is even rarer, we shouldn't be alive. The guy was laughing in exhilaration and disbelief if memory serves. But what else could he be saying at that very moment? "I feel like eating apple pie"?

And then there's this glitch... Someone randomed Roshan.

But it turns out to be just Meepo.

Lastly, and more epicly is a screenshot of my fastest game ever!

End within 19 minutes! Whoot. And don't judge me! HAHA. I was too busy figuring out how to use my hero to actively contribute.

Ok, DotA aside, I went to a shooting range yesterday (resulting in backaches and arm pains haha life) and it was really fun after I got over my fear of shooting myself and settled in to the weird position.

You have to hold the butt of the gun with your non-shooting hand and shove it against the shoulder of your shooting hand while you elbow points away from your body.

And most people have the leg of their shooting side raised at the knee - woa I'm so bad at descriptions hahaha but it kinda looks like you're halfway crawling. It didn't suit me at all. I ended up shooting with my left ankle crossed behind my right and it served me well!

I'm secretly very proud of myself although one of the dudes I went with said that my target doesn't prove my aim is good. To have good aim is to shoot right in the center of the bullseye and changing the target after every shot. But whatevs. Everyone else thought I had good aim. :D

When we were done we all had a bottle of VB, pretending to be good old Australians. Kicking back after a hard day of bush ranging.

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