Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dota 2 & Free Beta Keys!

UPDATE 10/07/13:

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My friend gave me a beta key for Dota 2 and I have been playing it obsessively ever since. Now, I also have some beta keys to giveaway. So just leave me a comment with the email address you use for Steam (or email me if you're shy).

Some things I've noticed in Dota 2 are...

New interface!
It took me a while to figure out how to find and join a match. I kinda miss the sound of chains (Dota 1 players should understand) but you gain some, you lose some, right? And playing over Steam beats Garena any day! I've only played a handful of games with delay - none with fullout lag like what you might experience on Garena cos I think they host the matches for you. But correct me if I'm wrong.

Newbie friendly
Everyone has to play the tutorial before proceeding to the main menu. Although we worked around that by inviting whoever is stuck at the tutorial screen with a party invite. But that doesn't override the tutorial, you'll still have to play it eventually unless you have unlimited party invites from friends constantly. The tutorial isn't very helpful, IMO. There's so much more to the game than the tutorial covers but it does give you a general idea and very basic skills. The first few times I played a match, I felt like the gameplay has been significantly dumbed down. Example: The skill keys being QWER, like LoL; The hotkeys for items in the shop no longer work - you'll have to right click on whatever you want to buy, which deters players from buying the wrong items and if they do, they have the option to sell it within 5 or 10 seconds at the same price; Suggested items in the shop! AHAHA.

I remember getting scoffed at because I didn't follow the suggestions. FYI, it's called suggested items for a reason. GAH. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Dota is attempting to generate more interest by making the game easier to play but they don't seem to understand that new players would be coddled by the new system and will not have the standard of Dota 1 players who have to figure out which items would aid them in overcoming an opponent, taking into account the sort of heroes they themselves are using and you know, brainy stuff like that.

I miss Dota 1's opening sounds with the trumpet (?). I dislike the voice in Dota 2 which says "10 seconds remaining", "the battle begins", "the enemy's middle tower has fallen". Blergh. I don't need you to tell me that when there are sound cues and a huge timer! I'm glad that they kept the original "dominating", "double kill!", "trrrrrriple kill", "ultrakill" and "rampage" though! I'd be devastated if they got rid of those sounds - and I'm sure many Dota 1 players would too.

One thing I find fascinating is that characters have personalized sayings when you click on them, when they kill/deny and even when you type in stuff like "haha", "lol" or "thx"!

Lastly, that sound it makes to let you know your game is ready GETS ME EVERY TIME! It makes me jump because of how dramatic and loud it is.

Gorgeous background graphics
The map is gorgeous, so gorgeous that it kinda makes the characters look too fake and out of place. They should've gone with a darker theme so the heroes fit in more and not stick out like a sore thumb. But it's not too bad, considering. I'm probably biased because I liked them looking more Diablo.

Customizable heroes & couriers!
You can customize how your hero looks through items you receive from each game. Now my Naga has a coolass tail!

The default courier is a donkey which is ugly as hell. Apparently you have to purchase (with real money) to change your courier. There are a few cool looking ones but meh. It's just a courier and I've learnt to live with the ugly ass (get it? LOLOL). But there's this one beautifully pink item called 'trail of the lotus blossom' everyone should look out for! GORGEOUS!

Voice chat
This one's a nice surprise. Halfway through a game, someone said "BACK!". I think it's a nifty way to communicate because typing is so impractical. But I didn't know which key to press to activate the voice chat until I accidentally pressed 'G' while using Zeus (gahh took me a while to get used to the new skill keys) and realized that everyone could hear me.

Minimap & Alert & Shop Changes
You can draw on the minimap to signal how you want to approach the enemy or for fun. I never learnt how to do it though. And when you alert players using CTRL+Left click on runes, "Rune of Regeneration/Haste/Invisibility/Double Damage/Illusion here" would come up on your screen. I think it's nifty cos you don't have to click away from your hero to see what rune it is and therefore, no unexpected surprises.

Overall, I think that Dota 2 has improved in areas that required players to click away from their heroes during the game such as viewing runes or purchasing items while they are not next to the shop. You can now purchase items by clicking 'Shop' on your HUD (Heads-Up Display) but of course, the items from the secret shop can only be bought at the secret shop.

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So yeah, would you try Dota 2? For those that have played both, what differences have you noticed?


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