Monday, July 1, 2013

Photoshoot: Harley Punk

I did a photoshoot back in January and I know it is so outdated, but hey at least now you can't say my blog have too few pictures of myself! All photos taken & edited by Gerald.

Dress from Supre, Boots from some random shop in Melbourne

Tiara from Forever 21, Skull Singlet from H&M, Jacket from SUB, Skirt from i-Socks, Heels from Charles & Keith
My favorite is definitely the second from last although I look kinda big but I like how it looks overall. I hope to do more photoshoots in the future after I fight my excess fats off! Incentive to eat cleaner and healthier. :3

We actually wanted to do a Harleyquinn photoshoot but I couldn't find the right costumes and since I have lotsa punkish clothes (from my punk phase lol), we decided to go with that instead.

We took the photos at an abandoned jail (THERE WAS SOMEONE LIVING IN ONE OF THE BROKEN CELLS!!!) an old abandoned house (OH GOD SO CREEPY!). I got bitten to death by the mosquitoes and Gerald had to remind me not to scratch them cos it'll be annoying to photoshop. Once we wrapped up the shoot, I scratched myself silly! Note to self: Next time you do a photoshop in Kuching, slather on mosquito repellent!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

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