Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recipe: Ginger Honey Drink

... For period pains and menstrual cramps and any monthly discomforts!

Ye be warned, this is a girly topic and if you're a male who is still reading this I would assume you are a loving boyfriend/husband who wants to help his suffering significant other so bravo. I salute you.

All you need is honey, water and ginger!

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I pretty much eyeball everything and go by my gut feeling... Otherwise known as "agak agak" (Nasi Lemak 2.0 reference for non-Malaysians, but Malaysians should know what I mean). But for the sake of making your life easier...

600ml water 
A 1 inch x 1 inch chunk of ginger
1 cup of honey (honestly I just add honey till I'm happy with the taste) or if for some reason you dislike honey, brown sugar can be a good substitute... I read somewhere that brown sugar also alleviates period pain and stuff :D

1. Boil water
2. Deskin ginger
3. Chuck ginger into boiling water
4. Wait 15-20 minutes
5. Add honey/sugar, stir till it's all dissolved...

And there, it's ready to serve. Just be careful because in your haste to drink the fuming hot liquid, you may accidentally burn your tongue. In my glee, the cup burnt my knuckle so I spilt the drink all over myself resulting in my boyfriend giving me this look:

Source: Know Your Memes
But its best to drink it while it's still rather hot because warmth helps soothe cramps too!

I usually take it on the very first day, but you can drink it a few days before your period is due all the way till when your period is over. Anyway, just try it! You will thank me a hundred times over because I promise that this drink is all you'll ever need so kiss your pain pills goodbye!

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