Sunday, July 28, 2013

So you think this is reality?

And every time they did it, the screens will flicker and the radio station changes or static would invade your ears for a mere second... That's when something goes wrong, when the patient comes to a revelation.

See, everyone goes about their happy little lives, but deep inside them a subconscious is left free to wonder... It would wonder what would wonder the idea of wonder. And it wonders why. Why does he wonder if there is no reason to? Your consciousness would supply your subconscious with what you have learnt and come up with a reason you think is valid. Such as the existence of God.

Perhaps your subconsciousness is meant to come to the conclusion that God allowed humans to wonder and therefore proving his existence, for humans could just be another animal without thought, and yet... Why the invention of Hell because God is so great his love transcends all? Believing in God would to believe in no hell, since Hell is for the unbelieving and sinners. But if God loves all, why would he punish sinners?

But that's when the horrible realization sets in... It was never about God or whatever reason your brain supplemented your subconscious with at all. What exists is that reality is warped. One day your mind will break the code and you will wake up screaming with people in white restraining you. You might wonder if you were wrong and that this was Heaven but you would realize they are telling you to calm down, that it is all a dream but you are in hysterics. That is when you accept the truth from that hidden part of your brain.

You know that the idea of you never existed, aside from in your mind. You were living a lie in a dream. A constant state of delusion. The world, the people, were all made up because you are all part of an experiment. Even the people attempting to subdue you is a figment of your imagination. A program designed to comfort you into thinking that everything you think is real, is. But the truth is the rules and constructs of society are merely a part of your imagination. The world you believe in, the governments, the countries, the races of people, even animals and entertainment news are all just in your head. Who knows if there is another human being at all? Maybe you're the only one.

Someone - or something - took an interest in us humans. It wanted to see how the human mind works so it created a prison and locked our minds away. It created worlds, different scenarios for different people to test whether we would come back to the same choices. Whether love could be quantified and explained. But no matter how our minds are preconditioned to believe the love of our life is ugly or wrong for us, we still find reason to love him or her.

They installed layers upon layers of alternative realities so that you may never discover the truth. Which reality is real? What is real? And soon it does not matter because you are too tired to wonder. You decide that you would rather live a lie and be happy with the people you love rather than admit they never existed. It is the cage of the content: Those with much to lose do not play the game of risk.

Me? I accepted reality, but I couldn't find it in myself to let go of everything I thought I knew. My family, my friends and my love. Who cares if it is all just an illusion? It feels real enough to me.

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