Monday, August 26, 2013

A Parent's Pride

Life has been a whirlwind lately. I haven't even gotten the time to sit down to blog till now. But I have been fairly active on instagram so at least I haven't completely disappeared off the face of the internet.


I did it.

I have finally made my family proud.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Diet: Adjust your Mindset

I've gone on a 8 week diet - which will gradually become a lifestyle - with one of my best friends so we could motivate each other. We're following a very strict regime which I won't share yet because I want to be sure it works and be able to give helpful tips and recipes!! :)

There has been a few hardships, but with every obstacle, you can either choose to succumb to it or overcome it.

Limited food variation? Get creative. 
The diet we are on has a very limited food palette for the first two weeks, so we end up eating breast meat most of the time... And there is only so many ways you can season or cook it.  I started the first few days with salt & pepper. Then I began adding soya sauce and chilli flakes and forced myself to come up with new recipes. Just because you're limited in ingredients doesn't mean you have to limit your imagination.

Inconsiderate friends (or family)? Stay motivated. 
I have pretty supportive friends. They do not force me to consume anything that I do not want to and even tries to accommodate my diet. However, my friend has been pressured by her friends to join them for a night out and even gotten mad at her because she is trying to improve herself. In my opinion, it is incredibly selfish because her friends are making her feel bad about something which should be positive! If you have a friend who is dieting, please don't bring them down by mocking them, sabotage their regime by tempting them with food or convincing them to eat food which is not part of their diet because if you do, you're an extremely selfish, disrespectful, inconsiderate person and a shitty friend. If you have inconsiderate friends, here's what you have to remember: Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. So don't feel bad if the people around you are being dicks, because at the end of the day, you are doing this for you and you are important.

Starting to crave for everything and anything? Mind over matter. 
The one thing I ask myself all the time is, "What is more important? The junk food I've wanted for a while, or the body I've always wanted?" And that's not to say I haven't fallen off the bandwagon, I do. But after I do, I make up for it by exercising a little bit harder and reprimand myself with, "Was it worth it?" Sometimes it is, but most of the times, it isn't.

Furthermore, once you've toned down and have achieved your dream body, maintenance will come much easier. Of course this doesn't mean that you can get away with gorging yourself silly day after day (and I'm pretty sure many people who have gone on a strict diet will start to feel sick if they eat too much junk - before I even heard of this diet, I cut down my carb intake and when I ate too much rice, it made me feel bloated and uncomfortable) but it would mean that you can afford to eat whatever you want occasionally. Think of it as working. Once you've earned a substantial amount of money (attained your goals), you will be able to spend more (eat) without being afraid of going broke (putting on weight) but if you splurge all your money (eat like a pig)... It's a no wonder you don't have any money left (become a fatass).

* * *

Also, some things I'd like to remind everyone:

Be self aware, not self conscious. 
Do not feel ashamed about wanting to get into shape. Everybody had to start somewhere and if you never start, you will never get anywhere but if you never even notice that you have to be somewhere then... I would suggest you look in the mirror and decide if you love the way you are. If you do, good for you. If you don't... Please read the first line of this paragraph.

Do not judge. 
I hate it when people think that they are superior just because they've made (or think they've made) some right decisions in their life or because they think they look better than others. Just because you've worked hard doesn't mean you should show off. Also, everyone's goals are different. Some people - like myself - may prefer a slimmer, less muscular body while others may prefer an athletic build. I absolutely hate it when people try to impose their own ideals onto others - "you are too big" "you are too skinny" "your arms are not muscular enough" "your abs are too ripped" bladeeblablar! There is no right or wrong because perfection is subjective.

Do not try to fit into a size 0, fit your size well. 
A lot of people have this misconception that they must be a certain size - without taking into consideration that everyone's bone structure and body shape is different. I would much rather fit a size 8 with no back fat or muffin top than a size 0 with flabby arms and cellulite! Some people just aren't meant to be a certain size or weight and not everyone will be able to get prominent collarbones, shoulder blades, hipbones or thigh gaps so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Sasatinnie Ginkgo Moisturizing 3D Stretch Mask & Green Tea Oil Control Soothing 3D Stretch Mask

"Specially formulated with organic ginkgo extract and cactus flower extract, promote cell activation and provide intensive moisture to delicate skin. Containing hyaluronic acid and antarcticine, can instantly recharge moisture to skin deeply, promote hydrated appearance with firmness and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Tranexamic acid and hydrolyzed milk protein, provide powerful anti-aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Skin reveals its moisture and smoothness."

"Enriched with ECO green tea extract, it effectively provides anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect and protects skin cell from damaging by free radical. Red algae and brown algae extracts, it effectively promotes cell activation and DNA repair. Chamomile extract and witch hazel leaf water are natural healing properties that help skin soothing without irritation, provide balancing action on sebum production. Reveals skin radiance and vitality."

The masks are slightly stretchable, so you can manipulate it to suit your face shape and thus, the ear hooks are rather comfortable. But no matter how I stretch it, the mask just won't cover my nose and the air pockets on either side of my nose is quite irritating! So I wouldn't say that the stretchable technology (if you can call it that) is as advanced as the Garnier Perfect Fit which I absolutely adore.

Anyway, on the the effectiveness of the masks. There are no noticeable instantaneous results, my skin is just as dehydrated and oily. But perhaps it is just overshadowed by the b.liv masks I previously reviewed.

Green Tea Oil Control Soothing 3D Stretch Mask
I found no change in oil production whatsoever after the first application. The only difference I noticed is that my complexion seemed slightly less dull in the mirror. But there has been no changes significant enough for me to notice.

Gingko Moisturizing 3D Stretch Mask
Similarly, I did not experience any positive effects from this mask. My skin is extremely parched due to the dry winter air and this did nothing to alleviate the symptoms of my flaking skin. I suppose we should also bear in mind that perhaps this mask was not designed for use outside of the tropics? Regardless, it doesn't suit me, which brings me to my conclusion.

Seeing as there are better designed masks which give me better results, I will not be repurchasing these Sasatinnie masks. Perhaps it takes constant application to achieve results. If you're the sort that believes in slow long term skin care rather than those quick fast results, maybe you should give this a try. I know a few people who prefer slow results because they believe that the quicker you attain it, the faster you will lose it and deduced that if you gain it slowly, it will last.

What are your thoughts on that theory? Share in the comments below!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

♥ 010813

I got my belly rings from the US today!!! I bought them online about a week ago and I'm really surprised how quickly they arrived in Melbourne!

I pierced my navel back during my rebellious years and bought tons of navel rings - preferring sparkly and dangling ones - which I lost progressively as the novelty wore off. And then I just couldn't be bothered until I came across this gorgeous belly ring recently:

Isn't it gorgeous?! Too bad the website which sold that belly ring had a limited range (and killer postage!) so with my passion for belly rings rekindled, I went in search of a site which would give me a better selection. And this is what I bought:

This is set with amethyst and it will be my party ring because amethyst supposedly inhibits intoxication. BAHAH. I'm a lousy drinker so if this works, I shall never go drinking without amethyst. Ever. However, this is the only belly ring I was disappointed with because it looks like such a pretty delicate shade of lavender but turned out to be a rather dark purple - unless you hold it up to a light.

I've always like BCRs, but I wasn't very comfortable wearing them because they look like they would hurt you easily like snagging on things and such. So this seemed like a nice compromise! :D

I thought that this is very sweet and girly. The candy is actually quite tiny, at only 1/2 inch so it's pretty damn cute.

This is elegant, isn't it! Unlike those tacky diamante-set cherry rings. This cherry ring actually looks pretty classy. And the pink is a lighter shade than what I expected and has less of a fuchsia tinge! Light pinks make me so happy.

It's got minuscule glitter like snow and it is slightly iridescent & glowy. It's prefect as an everyday barbell, without being too plain or meh.

I like the use of the delicate wiring and the pink stone. But if I get the chance, I will definitely trade the two metal feathers for two real mini pastel pink ones!

TEEHEE. I thought it would be cute to wear this during CNY - if you know what I mean. The rest of their casino collection didn't appeal to me, and even this one is just tolerable.

This one's a steampunk dreamcatcher! How cool is that? Old world meets pop culture. It's handcrafted and a quality piece. I love the idea of its chains which look loose and haphazard but is in fact, quite secured to the frame.

Another steampunk inspired design. It reminded me strongly of The Infernal Devices so I just had to get it.