Thursday, August 1, 2013

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I got my belly rings from the US today!!! I bought them online about a week ago and I'm really surprised how quickly they arrived in Melbourne!

I pierced my navel back during my rebellious years and bought tons of navel rings - preferring sparkly and dangling ones - which I lost progressively as the novelty wore off. And then I just couldn't be bothered until I came across this gorgeous belly ring recently:

Isn't it gorgeous?! Too bad the website which sold that belly ring had a limited range (and killer postage!) so with my passion for belly rings rekindled, I went in search of a site which would give me a better selection. And this is what I bought:

This is set with amethyst and it will be my party ring because amethyst supposedly inhibits intoxication. BAHAH. I'm a lousy drinker so if this works, I shall never go drinking without amethyst. Ever. However, this is the only belly ring I was disappointed with because it looks like such a pretty delicate shade of lavender but turned out to be a rather dark purple - unless you hold it up to a light.

I've always like BCRs, but I wasn't very comfortable wearing them because they look like they would hurt you easily like snagging on things and such. So this seemed like a nice compromise! :D

I thought that this is very sweet and girly. The candy is actually quite tiny, at only 1/2 inch so it's pretty damn cute.

This is elegant, isn't it! Unlike those tacky diamante-set cherry rings. This cherry ring actually looks pretty classy. And the pink is a lighter shade than what I expected and has less of a fuchsia tinge! Light pinks make me so happy.

It's got minuscule glitter like snow and it is slightly iridescent & glowy. It's prefect as an everyday barbell, without being too plain or meh.

I like the use of the delicate wiring and the pink stone. But if I get the chance, I will definitely trade the two metal feathers for two real mini pastel pink ones!

TEEHEE. I thought it would be cute to wear this during CNY - if you know what I mean. The rest of their casino collection didn't appeal to me, and even this one is just tolerable.

This one's a steampunk dreamcatcher! How cool is that? Old world meets pop culture. It's handcrafted and a quality piece. I love the idea of its chains which look loose and haphazard but is in fact, quite secured to the frame.

Another steampunk inspired design. It reminded me strongly of The Infernal Devices so I just had to get it.

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