Sunday, August 4, 2013

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I've been trying to organize my blog posts and I've successfully sorted them into 9 categories:

It is very simple to do so I do not intend on making a tutorial for this but if you would like me to, please tell me in the comments below and I'll get it up within the week. Also, let me know if you are after a tutorial on how to create the graphics in Adobe Photoshop, the HTML coding for them or just everything. :)

Also, I made sigs for each of my categories which will be linked to its respective category! Pretty neat, huh? What can I say... The devil is in the details.

Anyway, I'm really sorry to my Imotiv followers if my old blog posts are cluttering your Imotiv feed due to my relabeling of blog posts. I've emailed the Imotiv team before about why old posts are showing up in the feed after it is edited and this was their response:
Your posts gets bumped up into Imotiv's feed because of the method by which we pull content into our feeds for readers. When a post is updated, it is essentially considered 'new' and our tool will automatically pull it into our feed. At this moment, there is no way to stop our search tool from doing so, and we hope it doesn't pose a problem to you.
Not very ideal for me because I occasionally reread my old posts and tweak them (should definitely learn to stop) but I do love their commenting system (which, granted, could use some fine tuning) because they send notifications straight to your phone once someone comments on your post or replies to your comment! I love it because it's so fuss free.

However, I have taken down the Imotive commenting system from my blog because I want the comments to be on my actual blog instead of being tied to a 3rd party app. So if you've noticed that your comment has disappeared, don't worry, I haven't deleted them. They are still available from the Imotiv website/app.

So just a quick post tonight to let you know what's up and not to be alarmed if you see my posts getting bumped up in your Imotiv newsfeed once in a while because that'll just be me, editing again.

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