Friday, August 16, 2013

Inside Scoop: Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider

This post is brought to you by my excitement, sleeplessness and nerves. I have spent my nights in restless anticipation upon being informed of the contest. I'm assuming that I will not have had a proper dead-to-the-world sleep in a week but I believe I will feel more energized and alert than ever. Despite having till the 20th to submit my video, I've given myself till the 17th to complete my script, storyboard and video because early submission is my contingency plan.

Day 1
My sister in law sent me a link on whatsapp, telling me to check it out. I did. And was blown away by how I felt like it was meant to be. I squealed and fawned all over her - telling her I loved her best and that this is the best thing anyone has ever forwarded to me - and promptly started on brainstorming. 

I am first and foremost a blogger, but I have always been interested in the other facets of media and have always wanted to expand my social presence. Furthermore, a video would definitely attract more attention, regardless of how eloquent the blog post is written or how crappy the video is. So I started on coming up with a rough draft. 

The first draft will never be the final draft - wise words from my favorite tutor (who I have contacted to cameo in my video, but who knows if he'll agree!) - so I saved it and stored it away for later. For the rest of the day, I visualized the video-to-be and tried to come up with ways to be more creative yet at the same time, still me

This would be the first of many nights where I would lie in bed with my eyes wide open, scribbling ideas into my ipad. 

Day 2
I converted all my scribbled ideas into my script, fleshing it out and shaping it up. By the time I was satisfied, I started on my storyboard. It's not something you'd want to see because while I used to love to draw, it stays to this day, an unrealized potential.

The more I worked on the project I am becoming increasingly obsessed with, the more inspired I became. This is what passion is. This is why I would be unfit for a tediously boring office life. I need to be able to unleash my imagination - with the sky as the limit. I need to want to shine. Every time I get too excited, my heart starts to hammer in my chest and my mind starts to visualize me winning and becoming crowned The One, but I reprimand my brain which in turn, shushes my heart quite audibly and my heart rate slows for a while. But it understands I am superstitious. Don't jinx it. Shh.

I created all the animated titles and wordings I would need in my video - according to my storyboard. I made the opening scene as attention grabbing as I could and painstakingly in Adobe Photoshop. For the rest of them, I created through trial and error. I imagined it with music, I imagined it with footage. I showed it off on Facetime. I felt proud. But the problem is, I can't wait to start filming. To slake my excitement, I decided to start this post. 

By the time I went to bed, my head was bursting with more ideas on how to make it more intriguing. So I sent a tweet out:

Day 3
I went to scope out venues for my video and brought my camera with me to take a few shots of the sort of framing I want. I do not remember the last time I wanted something so much, but this is the first time I'm actively chasing it, with no fear of failing because in the event I do not win... It doesn't matter, because I gave it my best shot and it would have been a learning experience. I do not believe in "oh, at least you tried". It is the most pathetic consolation, ever. If you failed and all you took away from that failure is acknowledging the fact that you tried is laughable. Learn from it and grow.

I was unable to film as my boyfriend was away on a school trip and I have no tripod for my camera so I continued to edit the script and added what would become my opening sequence after the title.

To quell the feelings of urgency, I made a schedule for when I will be filming what scenes to ensure the video would be completed on time.

Day 4
I created the text needed for the opening sequence in the afternoon. Filmed & edited at night. Thanks to the boyfriend for being my human tripod and for being such a patient listener. Scene 1, done! :D

Day 5 - 8
Filmed the rest of the scenes except the closing scene and got all the release forms signed! Had to do a voiceover for one of the scenes due to high levels of noise please don't laugh at the failed dubbing. But watching the project come together truly is satisfactory.

Day 9
It's a wrap! Time to compile all the edited footage together and slap on some music and it's ready for submission!

Realized that I had to reshoot a scene because there was a minor detail in the original shoot which I overlooked. BLERGH.

Day 10
Sliced my thumb open right before reshooting, hence the huge bandage in the phone scene and none when I'm actually talking into the phone. It's quite a funny story, actually. Once I cut my thumb, the blood dripped all over the place and my boyfriend and I just stared. We called a couple of clinics but none of them were open and I didn't think the cut merited a trip to the emergency room so we put on our jackets - with me holding my thumb with a wad of tissue all the way to the nearest pharmacy and got some antiseptic then we came home and did the shoot. I originally wanted to use my bf's hand to do it cos I thought his hands were girly enough but they turned out so huge and manly on the screen so meh. And now the inconsistency is killing me!!! But hey, at least it's done. Good night!

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