Thursday, August 8, 2013

Take a walk with Nifty Fifty

I went for a walk today to try out my new Canon 50mm f1.4 lens (nifty fifty is apparently a nickname coined by photography enthusiasts for 50mm lenses and also what convinced me to buy a prime lens, I was thinking that a type of lens which has earned a positive nickname from the community is definitely worth something). Took me long enough to finally give in and purchase a lens because I always believed that the lens will only be as good as the photographer which, I'm sure, holds some truth but there is only so much your kit lens can do.

All the photos were post processed with Wnison's Autumn Novel with slight alterations except for this one:

This one's for you Zard! I know how much you love lavender. This photo is completely unedited. The only thing I did was to add my blog url and resize the picture.

Anyone able to tell me what plant this is? Looks like mistletoe to me lol but don't hold me to it. Mistletoe's something I've read about in story books but have never actually seen.

Supposedly my lucky number but I've always fancied 7.

Again, I have no idea what this is but I'm assuming it's a weed.

The girl came out of nowhere and honestly scared the hell out of me. When I snapped the photo, she wasn't there... But when I previewed the photo and looked up, she was! Amazing. My lens gave birth to a human!

I think that it is virtually impossible to take bad photos with this baby. I am wonderstruck by it's capabilities to create beautiful bokeh. I am also in disbelief of my own stubbornness for not purchasing any lens for the past 49782379852 years I've had my dSLR for.


  1. I absolutely love these photos, you're really talented! Hah, my photos always turn out... squiggly and weird, so I just stick to iphone selcas. -__- Ohohohh.

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  2. Wowwww amazing shots with you 50mm!
    The lavender shot is really beautiful!
    Good job c: Xx

  3. The photos you take with your Canon are really beautiful. Do you edit them as well? I love the 1st 2 pictures very much. It's not just the camera coz I'm sure you possess the skill too.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment.

    Oh dear, I'm sorry for scaring you with my list. I totally get what you mean about studying in Aus and not being afraid as there isn't Chinese superstition around. My sis used to study in Aus for a few years and she said the same thing. I had the opportunity to visit my sis and my then bf (now hubby) in Aus and I also felt the same thing. I could just stay home alone in a huge house w/o being fearful.

    1. Aww thanks. I edited them with a photoshop action from Wnison called Autumn Novel except for the lavender shot. I wanted its original colors because lavender is such a pretty color, don't you think? :)