Saturday, September 28, 2013

What kind of Internet life do you lead?

I am so shocked at how the internet could drastically affect a person's life that I don't even know where to begin. I mean, I always knew that whatever you put on the internet would inadvertently come back to you. Every piece you send out into the world is a piece of yourself which may be received differently from your original intention. But you never really expect it.

I guess I'll start by digressing. I was browsing Alodia Gosiengfiao's page.

Source: DeviantArt.

This is the first picture I've ever seen of her. Any Asian capable of pulling of blonde locks are immediately stored in my brain as "hot chick".
I think she is pretty in an unconventional, mannequin-esque way. I respect her tremendously for being so self conscious of herself that she is always photographed well. It takes both skill and a pretty face to look perfect for the cameras constantly. Even the most photogenic may be caught looking like a beast. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe she is effortlessly beautiful. In which case, you could say that it was girly envy or the inquisitive nature of media students who are taught never to take everything at face value which prompted me to turn to Google to see if she's had any work done. Good ole trusty Google. Where would the world be without you?

It took me to the forum - Pretty Ugly Little Liar. It's one of those forums where they trash talk about online personalities, similar to Guru Gossip. So I took everything on the site with a grain of salt. I honestly don't understand why it is necessary to have any kind of hate site/forum. I understand that sometimes, a person's lies can get too much to handle and you just want to find an outlet but there's 7 billion people on this planet and you can't turn your eyes to another individual?


I saw the names Dakota and Valeria (aka human barbies) and was elated because I thought "wheeee more pretty girls to look at!" so I googled the first foreign name I came across - Kiki Kannibal. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't she?

Wait till you read her story.

To be fair, Kiki's story is pretty fucked up. It struck ice in my heart to be reminded how ruthless and illogical humans can be. But the kicker isn't written in the story. It's when you come to the horrible realization that the 11 year old sister in the story is Dakota.

I'll just let that sink in for a bit.

Dakota aka Kotakoti is Kiki Kannibal's baby sister. 
Kiki on the left, Dakota on the right. Source: Google Images.
So... Despite having first hand experience of how things can go horribly wrong, Dakota decided she wanted a slice of internet fame? Despite having a daughter whose online persona put her life in danger and bankrupted the family, the parents of the two girls allowed Dakota to follow Kiki's footsteps to become an internet celebrity?

What. Fuckery. Is. This.

I'm neither a parent, a psychiatrist nor am I them. I won't pretend I've considered every possible scenario which might have led them to the decision of allowing another child to be yet again exposed to the force of the internet.

I just want to remind everyone, myself included, how real the internet is and how destructive it can be. My mind can barely wrap around the implications of what future generations may face - growing up with this free and dangerously easy platform to an audience of 7 billion.

Younger generations probably feel much more comfortable with technology than older generations like myself and I believe that our wariness has saved us. We know it is unnatural in a way, because we remember a time whereby we were not plugged in to the world wide web but the internet is all they've ever known. We remember privacy and mystery. As far as the younger ones are concerned, privacy is a setting and everyone wants to be famous.

However, we either move forward or we get left behind. Who knows what the future may bring. The internet may cease to become cool as hipsters take over the world but I think that it is here to stay. Don't assume that you can post anything just because you're posting from the safety of your home. Once you're on the net, you're out in the open. So be street smart. It's a big world.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Underarm Whitening (Allunique Premiere, Kuching)

I thought I snagged a deal when I saw Underarm Whitening with Microdermabrasion at only RM35 on Groupon but I quickly realized that it was a marketing ploy which preys on unsuspecting consumers like myself.

Once I changed into the curtain dress thing and lay down on the bed, a lady - who I'm assuming is the boss - came in to tell me what to expect. She first told me how normal procedures went, which includes:

Underarm cleansing
Whitening scrub
Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells
Ampoule application
Thalgo Biodepyl solution massage
Whitening mask

Then she went on to explain that the Groupon package does not include the ampoule which is the most crucial ingredient because it supposedly penetrates into the skin and whitens from the inside. It also costs an additional RM48, exclusively for Groupies, with the normal retail price at around RM90+. Normally, I would've waved her off and continued with the package I bought but because I'm a sucker for empty promises, I fell for it and agreed to pay an additional RM48 for the ampoule treatment.

If the results were apparent, I would've been happy with my additional purchase but no. While my pits are smoother from the microdermabrasion (I know it's because of this because I touched my underarms before and after this step), they are not any lighter in color so I came to the conclusion that the ampoule did nothing. Perhaps with more treatments, there would be a significant difference between those who opted for the ampoules and those who didn't, but I wasn't (and still isn't) planning on returning. Therefore, if you're going for underarm whitening and is not planning to continue the treatment, don't be a sucker like me.

The staff were all very soft spoken, including the lady boss, which makes it hard for me to feel ripped off. I just can't believe how thick skinned the boss is, to be able to sell me something she probably knows wouldn't make a difference but convinced me that it would. I wouldn't be able to do something similar because it constitutes as cheating (which is akin to lying) in my book. But then again, I guess that's how she makes a living. It also irked me that there was no mention of ampoules in the Groupon but because the ampoule was optional, I can't say that it was false advertising. Neither can I say that I was ripped off because she didn't say it was necessary for me to make the purchase to continue with my treatment. Well played, boss of a beauty center. Well played.

To the rest of us, stay smart and

Monday, September 23, 2013

♥ 230913

I recently discovered Anna Akana on Youtube and she. is. so. addictive! Granted I only get to watch a few videos which are only 1-2 minutes before I'm whisked away on another alcohol filled adventure. She inspires me, but just not enough.

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you want to start something new or do something great but all your past failures smack you in the face and you're forced to back off and give in because you believe that your past failures are proof that you will never succeed? Dumb, I know, but really not that far from the truth of things. I always put things off because I tell myself that "you can't even blog consistently, what makes you think you can (insert new thing you want to try here)?" so I tell myself maybe next week, or next month. Soon, it turns into never.

Every day I go out and leave my blog neglected, I hear that tiny voice laughing in the back of my head going "I TOLD YOU SO TEEHEHEHE SUCKA!" and sometimes I let the voice be right by agreeing that I'm a loser or I justify my actions (like I just got back, gimme some more time till I fall into a routine!) until I can't stand it anymore and break the silence.

It's time to find something to do with my life, right after Lai goes back to Melbourne. ;)

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Waffle Club (Victoria Market, Melbourne)

The Waffle Club on Urbanspoon I've known about The Waffle Club for quite some time now but only got the chance to try them during my family's visit to Melbourne because apparently, Victoria Market is a popular landmark!

At first glance, the container concept is quite unique and if you've never been but are a fan of innovative ideas, you should drop by and have a waffle or two. ;) Furthermore, each container is decorated according to its shop's theme and it's just too cute!

Anyway, I don't know much about waffles but I do know the shop owner from secondary, so I asked her to whip up anything popular and this is what she came up with:

Leige Deluxe $6

I don't have much to say about this. It's waffle with bananas, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate and almonds but is still just a waffle. I told you I don't know anything about waffles - this was the first time I've had waffle in Melbourne. How about when I'm in Kuching? HAHA. Kuching waffles are just... Patterned toast with any filling of your choice. I usually have peanut butter and honey in my waffles. That is the extent of my experience with waffles.

Coconut Pandan Waffle $5
BUT THIS. THIS! IS AMAZING. This is something I would return for, again and again. It is a fusion of European (waffle) and Malaysian (flavor-wise) and I think it's pretty ingenious. The pandan is premixed into the batter and it's served with kaya, butter and desiccated coconut. Once I had a taste of this, I abandoned the other waffle and attacked this one. I even ordered another two for takeaway, which was gone in a heartbeat.

If you're an International student from Malaysia and you're missing home, the Coconut Pandan Waffle is a familiar taste of home. And if you're local, you don't even have to leave home for a taste of something culturally different.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

♥ 080913

I always forget how damp Kuching is, but I love every moment of the humidity and stickiness because it means I'm HOME.

Once I reached home, my friends were 5 minutes away. It's good to see all (well, almost all) of them again. It almost feels like I never left.

And it's good to hear people commenting on how much weight I've lost - which, in all honesty, isn't much but I've got a small frame so each pound counts and I think that I'd gain the kgs back rather quickly if I don't watch myself because home is where all the good food's at.

The first thing I did once I woke up the next morning was shearing off 3 inches of my damaged hair so now it's pretty short again. Not short-short, but short as compared to the hip length I want.

Other than that, life has been filled with booze, food, friends and family. Being home is a comforting and pretty awesome consolation prize, although winning the hunt for MTV World Stage Insider would've been the bomb. It would have been an epic start to my career. But it really isn't all that bad, I just thought that they were looking for creativity, not experience.