Sunday, September 8, 2013

♥ 080913

I always forget how damp Kuching is, but I love every moment of the humidity and stickiness because it means I'm HOME.

Once I reached home, my friends were 5 minutes away. It's good to see all (well, almost all) of them again. It almost feels like I never left.

And it's good to hear people commenting on how much weight I've lost - which, in all honesty, isn't much but I've got a small frame so each pound counts and I think that I'd gain the kgs back rather quickly if I don't watch myself because home is where all the good food's at.

The first thing I did once I woke up the next morning was shearing off 3 inches of my damaged hair so now it's pretty short again. Not short-short, but short as compared to the hip length I want.

Other than that, life has been filled with booze, food, friends and family. Being home is a comforting and pretty awesome consolation prize, although winning the hunt for MTV World Stage Insider would've been the bomb. It would have been an epic start to my career. But it really isn't all that bad, I just thought that they were looking for creativity, not experience.

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