Monday, September 23, 2013

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I recently discovered Anna Akana on Youtube and she. is. so. addictive! Granted I only get to watch a few videos which are only 1-2 minutes before I'm whisked away on another alcohol filled adventure. She inspires me, but just not enough.

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you want to start something new or do something great but all your past failures smack you in the face and you're forced to back off and give in because you believe that your past failures are proof that you will never succeed? Dumb, I know, but really not that far from the truth of things. I always put things off because I tell myself that "you can't even blog consistently, what makes you think you can (insert new thing you want to try here)?" so I tell myself maybe next week, or next month. Soon, it turns into never.

Every day I go out and leave my blog neglected, I hear that tiny voice laughing in the back of my head going "I TOLD YOU SO TEEHEHEHE SUCKA!" and sometimes I let the voice be right by agreeing that I'm a loser or I justify my actions (like I just got back, gimme some more time till I fall into a routine!) until I can't stand it anymore and break the silence.

It's time to find something to do with my life, right after Lai goes back to Melbourne. ;)

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