Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Underarm Whitening (Allunique Premiere, Kuching)

I thought I snagged a deal when I saw Underarm Whitening with Microdermabrasion at only RM35 on Groupon but I quickly realized that it was a marketing ploy which preys on unsuspecting consumers like myself.

Once I changed into the curtain dress thing and lay down on the bed, a lady - who I'm assuming is the boss - came in to tell me what to expect. She first told me how normal procedures went, which includes:

Underarm cleansing
Whitening scrub
Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells
Ampoule application
Thalgo Biodepyl solution massage
Whitening mask

Then she went on to explain that the Groupon package does not include the ampoule which is the most crucial ingredient because it supposedly penetrates into the skin and whitens from the inside. It also costs an additional RM48, exclusively for Groupies, with the normal retail price at around RM90+. Normally, I would've waved her off and continued with the package I bought but because I'm a sucker for empty promises, I fell for it and agreed to pay an additional RM48 for the ampoule treatment.

If the results were apparent, I would've been happy with my additional purchase but no. While my pits are smoother from the microdermabrasion (I know it's because of this because I touched my underarms before and after this step), they are not any lighter in color so I came to the conclusion that the ampoule did nothing. Perhaps with more treatments, there would be a significant difference between those who opted for the ampoules and those who didn't, but I wasn't (and still isn't) planning on returning. Therefore, if you're going for underarm whitening and is not planning to continue the treatment, don't be a sucker like me.

The staff were all very soft spoken, including the lady boss, which makes it hard for me to feel ripped off. I just can't believe how thick skinned the boss is, to be able to sell me something she probably knows wouldn't make a difference but convinced me that it would. I wouldn't be able to do something similar because it constitutes as cheating (which is akin to lying) in my book. But then again, I guess that's how she makes a living. It also irked me that there was no mention of ampoules in the Groupon but because the ampoule was optional, I can't say that it was false advertising. Neither can I say that I was ripped off because she didn't say it was necessary for me to make the purchase to continue with my treatment. Well played, boss of a beauty center. Well played.

To the rest of us, stay smart and


  1. This is not the first time I heard about people complaining about Groupon in Kuching. I guess we really have to think twice before purchasing any Kuching deals and read the fine print really carefully

    1. I'm not really complaining... More like lamenting my own foolishness. The problem about the whole ordeal is that the boss isn't in the wrong. Doubtful approach, maybe, but I was the one who said yes when I could have said no.