Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Skin79 CC Cream Control

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review by HiShop!

CC creams are the successors of BB creams. BB creams were considered revolutionary because on top of being a moisturizing foundation with SPF, they are supposed to be packed with benefits such as anti aging, oil control, whitening, etcetera. However, it may be hard to find a shade of BB creams that complement your skin tone well as they usually come in one or two standard shades - resulting in an unnatural, sickly pallor. Furthermore, I found BB creams too heavy for my liking. To me, BB creams are foundations infused with skincare... As I've mentioned in previous posts, my skin does not react well to foundations, BB creams or even tinted moisturizers because they leave my skin looking scaly like a fish.

I've tried so many different products and many different brands with similar results that I've simply given up, preferring to spend that money on skincare instead. But when I was given the opportunity to try the CC cream for free, I thought why not? I would never purchase another product on skin coverage, and I could give a review from the perspective of a girl who does not have flawless skin (too many beauty bloggers do - it's so unfair!) but rather, suffers from dry yet oily, crazy stupid skin.

Skin79's CC Cream Control is aimed at reducing redness instead of covering up with a layer of paint. Therefore, it does not provide strong coverage. So! If you're looking for something that can totally hide pigmentation - this will not be what you are looking for. However, studies show that consistent use of CC Creams can correct skin discoloration in 6-8 weeks!

As you can see from the picture, the cream has a light consistency and is rather sheer. And I like the nozzle, which is in the form of a pump. I hate squeezy tubes because I always end up with more product than I need!

The first night I used it, I was surprised at how comfortable it was on my skin - it glides on like a charm and doesn't suffocate my skin. It felt like there was nothing on my bare skin (unless I touched it with my hand, then you might feel a thin film of something that feels like sunscreen residue). However, I could see that my skin was brighter and dewier (I have never been able to pull off the dewy look without my skin looking disgustingly oily) and, most importantly, it seemed to have reduced not only redness but also oil production. Granted, I was in an air conditioned environment for only 3 hours, tops.

So I went to Midvalley for the whole day the next day. I concealed a scar on my chin with mineral powder before I left the house, and by 6, the powder has faded even though I could still clearly see the pearly sheen of the CC Cream. After that, I went for Judo. When I reached home at 10, there was minimal oiliness which, if compared with the usual oiliness my face is prone to, can be easily overlooked. I never even expected the product to reduce oiliness so it's a definite plus!

Skin79's CC Cream Control has a light texture, sheer coverage and an SPF of 25 which is ideal for everyday use but only for those who are comfortable with the condition of their skin. I'm not horribly confident of my skin so I apologize for the pixelated before & after photos but I'm sure you can see the obvious differences!

Personally, I love that the cream:
- Tames blotchy and oily skin
- Gives you a radiant glow
- Is super lightweight & spreads easily
- Does not smell like sunscreen (it actually smells quite nice but I'm not a fan of the scent).

It would have been my HG item if only it was tinted enough to cover up mild imperfections but I would still use it every day - solely for the points listed above.

One thing I worry about is purchasing fakes so I oftentimes stick with Watsons, especially for skincare because you really don't want to neglect your skin with fake products - who knows what junk the put into them?! But, you never have to worry about whether the Skin79 CC Cream you've purchased is genuine or not because you can verify it online!

All you have to do is log on to to verify your purchase!

Simple yet effective! More brands should adopt this, especially those that are not readily available internationally at official outlets. Or you can always choose to shop at HiShop! They currently have a 15% discount for Skin79 CC Creams.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KL & Churpout2013!

So I've been in KL for a week now. I killed my sister in law's fish on the first day. It was a betta fish and it had pop eye so I googled a remedy, went out to buy its "cure" and promptly killed it.

I was devastated. Thank god I didn't pursue my dreams of becoming a veterinarian because I'd quickly  fall into depression.

The highlight of that day was when Laopo drove to meet me and we spent the whole night talking. It felt like high school days again. We couldn't care less what others thought of our actions, as long as we had each other. But we aren't 14 anymore and it's no longer the two of us against the world.

The next day, I had Nando's!

Went shopping and then had a belated birthday dinner with Laopo at Marche.

I brought her shopping the day after because I was determined to get her a pretty dress. She has sexy, formal and evening wear but no pretty dresses! How can a girl not have pretty dresses! So I got her the girliest one there is. And look just how pretty she can be!

4th day was spent at 1U. I kept going round and round in circles, passing the same shop over and over again. But I managed to locate Honeypot which is a waxing salon.

I wanted to get my underarms waxed because Laopo told me that waxing could actually reduce underarm fuzz and would encourage finer regrowths! Furthermore, overplucking leads to chicken skin so I decided that I had nothing to lose.

The girl assigned to me is called Angel. I'm chatty under most circumstances and she was really easy to talk to. Quiet beauticians make me feel awkward and who likes feeling awks? It leaves a bitter taste in my heart and as the saying goes - people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. I won't forget how at ease she made me feel and how she joked around.

Here's the interior:

And me, being me, forgot to take a photo of the exterior so if you would like a more in depth look at Honeypot, check out this post by Linora.

19/10 is the day of Churp Out 2013! Before heading over, Roxy & I went for super nice nasi lemak (literal translation: fat rice AHAHA) at Village Park Nasi Lemak (Damansara Uptown).

If you're a huge fan of santan (coconut milk) rice, this is a definite must try! The combination of slightly sweet chilli with rich flavourful rice and crispy chicken is mm-delicious!

On our way to Setia City Park, we saw some filming going on!

Wonder what they are shooting for. Car ad? Movie? Your guess is as good as mine. But maybe this next guess won't be as hard...

Guess who was the emcee for Churp Out?


I'm as shocked as you are by the coincidence - what are the odds that I "found" the emcee for Churp Out when I was looking for a good exterior picture of Honeypot!? So Linora, if you ever happen to stumble upon this post... It's FATE AND YOU SHOULD GIMME A CALL.

Churpout was quite a success, for myself at least. I bought 2 Liz Lisa tops and was really pleased with the photobooth pictures. AND I GOT TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH TIMOTHY TIAH, AUDREY AKA 4FT9 AND RINGO AKA CHEESIE!!

If you have been following me on Insta, you would've seen pictures already... But here are the aforementioned pics!

The original picture so horribly backlit that you couldn't make out our faces and I didn't want to bother them for another picture because I've already asked Aud for a pic which turned out to be out of focus... #dslruserproblems

I feel enormous next to Aud & Cheesie. D: And while I was surprised by Cheesie's petite frame, that girl's got a rocking bod! How is it fair that skinny little girls could be nicely endowed? DAMN.

Later, we all settled in a circle because a graffiti artist would be recreating Katniss' dress from Catching Fire with spray paint!

Out of nowhere, this little fucker appeared right. In. Front. Of. Us. WTF. Honestly, what happened to common courtesy? Everyone wants to see the performance and there is plenty of space... So why not stand beside me and enjoy it together?

It took him/her a while before he/she realized she was in our way and moved off. While I appreciate the gesture, it would have been better to be self aware and consider whether your actions or inactions are affecting someone else and if it doesn't take too much effort... By all means, do what you must to rectify the situation. Granted, I could've picked up my doof and moved if I was so inclined, but I expected him/her to move sooner or later and it wasn't causing me grief. The only reason I'm arsed to post about this is because I would like to remind everyone to be self aware, especially while in public... And be civil.

Around this time, we took off because it started to rain. It was a real downer because it drizzled on and off throughout the day. I guess they forgot to hire a bomoh for Churpout like they did for Nuffnang Food Fest.

Anyway, it so happened that there were umbrellas strewn all over the place for a giveaway. But Malaysians, being Malaysians, promptly picked one up each and ran off with them when it started to rain! So uncool. It is appalling to see people take things for granted and do as they wish. I felt bad for the staff who had to run after the people who stole the umbrellas.

Sunday was spent at Sungei Wang and Lowyat and ended in dinner with yet another old friend. Both of my Kuching friends who are currently in KL have been friends with me for 9 years. Crazy, isn't it! We went for Chilli Ban Mee - which was good and spicy - and mango dessert and ended the night with drinks at iDarts.

Crispy chicken for lunch and Swedish pizza (wasn't nice, therefore no pic!) for dinner yesterday.

And here I am today. The PC I'm using doesn't have PS so I was reduced to using Paint until I got sick of resizing manually and downloaded Photoscape so meh! /3\

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

♥ 151013

Bye, Kuching. See you when I see you.
Can't believe it's possible to be torn in more ways than two. 
Melbourne, KL and Kuching, you all have something for me. 
How I wish we could be somewhere, together, indefinitely. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

♥ 111013

So I logged on to last night and lo, behold: hacked by Pakistani Leets.


What would they benefit from hacking Of all the googles in the world, why .my? I don't know whether I should feel honored that they've acknowledged Malaysia's existence and hacked Malaysia, because it affirms that it has come a long way from being misunderstood as a backward country with no running water and concrete houses.

About a decade ago, an American I got to know through Neopets (anyone remember Neopets?!) asked me whether it was true that we lived in trees.

I guess it's become a running joke amongst us Malaysians. But look at how far we've come. From dirty elections witnessed by the entire world to this internet conquest by Pakistanis.

On another note, Halloween is coming up and I have always had a thing for maniacal characters that may or may not suffer from a psychiatric disorder, like Harleyquinn. Today, I had the good fortune to see this. So now I really want to go to a costume party dressed up as Harleyquinn. But I bought a one way ticket to KL and it's no fun going to a party without any friends. Dilemma, dilemma. Should I come back to Kuching or stay in KL? Hopefully, this is just a passing fancy and by the time I've had a couple of drinks tonight, I would've forgotten all about it.

Lastly, wanna go to Space camp in Amsterdam? If you don't, I suggest you take a hammer to your head repeatedly until your answer changes. Now click.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Eyelash Extensions (i De Beauty, Kuching)

Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 girls edit their pictures and I'm no different so I don't know how necessary this is but for those extra naive people out there, my skin is obviously retouched in Photoshop because I suffer from horrible, horrible skin and I can't show the world my face in hi-res without any editing! Hence I have a love hate relationship with my 550d and also the reason I love iPhone's front facing camera.

I got this Groupon deal the same time I purchased the underarm whitening one. I had my doubts and was guarded about what kind of tactics this beauty center would employ but not only were there no hard-selling, the staff kept to themselves and kinda put me off because they didn't make me feel comfortable.

I know, I'm such a particular little person, it's a wonder how someone hasn't put a fork through my eye yet.

I found the whole process an ordeal because I didn't expect pain and there was pain! But let me go through the steps for those who are interested or have never had eyelash extensions before.

Firstly, the beautician showed me the lashes she was going to use and told me that they had others but it was out of stock and I would have to pay extra for them because they are - I'm assuming - higher quality.

This is how the individual extensions look like:

Not what I expected... I thought they would be individual lashes. But no matter, maybe the strip is to hold the lashes together and she'll pull them apart when she's attaching them to my actual lashes, one lash at a time.

Secondly, she told me not to open my eyes as she pried them open and stuck tape on my lower lid. I'm assuming this is so the tape doesn't poke my eyes out and that the tape is there to separate my lower lashes so they don't get glued to my top lashes.

Thirdly, she began to stick the extensions right on top of my lashes... So she's technically gluing the extensions to my eyelid, along with a few strands of my own lashes. This is when the alarm bells started going off. This wasn't what I was anticipating at all.

Despite not being what I had in mind, I didn't really care... Because at least I've tried one type of eyelash extensions and I get to look pretty for a while! But what came next wasn't what I was ready to endure for superficial beauty.

She told me to keep my eyes closed as the adhesive dried, and then told me to open my eyes. I couldn't open them fully, especially the inner corner of my left eye so she asked me to shut it again. I don't know what she did next, but it felt an awful lot like she was yanking my lash free. Try plucking one of your lashes out, that's how it felt like. Intense pain. I teared up immediately and she went on her business, wiping my eye dry without a single word. Um. Sorry would be nice. An explanation before you did anything would've been better.

Then, she told me to shut my eyes as she applied another layer of glue and I won't lie to you, I was terrified that the same thing would happen... But I didn't want to tell her not to apply the glue and have the lashes fall out within a few days after experiencing that excruciating pain. I wanted the pain to be worth it. Thankfully, it didn't happen again.

Lastly, she trimmed the lashes so they looked more natural and that's it! I was done!

All I can say is, this isn't really eyelash extensions. A quick google search on "eyelash extensions" will show you what I was after (or click if you can be bothered).

What I actually got was more like semi-permanent false eyelashes. It looked like I was wearing falsies because there's a black line just above my lashes which gives the illusion that I'm wearing eyeliner.

There was no way for me to know something like this existed but now that I do, I'm sharing it with you!

Monday, October 7, 2013

♥ 071013

I went for a KPH run today. KPH is a jungle trekking group in Kuching that organizes a run every Sunday.

Everyone was attired in long soccer socks, rubber shoes with studded soles and some were equipped with gloves. The trails were marked but not worn. The roots leap out and catches your foot whilst branches reach out and scratches your skin raw. The run energizes me and the walk rejuvenates.

The sounds of people in front of you motivates you to climb faster, rush forward and overtake them. There is a certain satisfaction while you call out: "On! On!" and they let you past, echoing your words back at you. When we hear the sound of the trumpet, we surge forward, hoping that we will be able to catch up with our friends up front. We never do, but it's ok, because they are waiting for us at the finish line.

The sky grows dark and we try to move faster but we meet a river we must cross and we hesitate. I think about the crocodiles and snakes that inhabit such areas but I move forward anyway. What were the chances of me falling prey, when all those in front of me have made it safe and sound?

As night falls, we see darkness consuming the jungle. Starting with the roots and ground. So we no longer care about mud underfoot. We march and we continue on and for a moment I feel like a survivor. It's never crossed my mind to turn back. Nothing matters but the finish line.

Eventually we make it. And our friends are there. They say we are slow, but I feel victorious. I've made it. I am undefeated by 12km of shrubs, roots, trees, mud and slopes. I've succeeded in what I set out to do. It's all about finding balance. The first few minutes were pure torture and I wondered how the rest did it. But I shut my mouth and breathed through my nose. I adopted a comfortable pace and gait and I did what I thought was impossible. 12km may not seem like an obstacle to most, but for someone who used to feel faint after 20 minutes on the treadmill, it's a milestone. It's mine.

It brings to mind the words: Your mind gives up before your body does.

I did it, so can you.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The difference hair makes.

I rebonded my hair last Tuesday!

I put off this post because I wanted to give my hair some time to settle. I hate it when girls blog about their fresh-out-of-the-salon-hair (with the exception of dyed hair and especially about treatments) because of course it's going to look amazing. What I want to know is how it looks like after you've washed it and shit.

Remember when I first came back and got my hair cut? Chris (Richard & Iris, Plaza Merdeka) was the one I went to. Due to our years of friendship, he knows how fussy I am so he cut my hair exactly the way I described it and told me I'd return in 3 days.

The picture on the left shows my hair exactly how I wanted it. Thick and unlayered in a round cut.

I don't know if you can tell, but while most girls have hair that would lie on their backs, my hair stacks on top of one another, creating a wall of hair which I have no choice but to describe as... Like a broom. If most girls had hair the thickness of the book Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (223 pages), my hair would be freaking Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (766 pages)!

Every time I caught my reflection is a mirror, I stopped and stared at how thick my hair was. It was like I was wearing a wig with extensions!!! So I returned within an hour and got laughed at, but came out a lot happier with hidden layers which made my hair significantly less poofy (not pictured above).

Anyway, I swore off rebonding after a horrible experience at Ray's Culture (Brighton Square) which I mentioned (in passing) here but just like what I wrote in that post, you gotta factor in what you have done to your hair in the past because no salon will know your hair's history by just looking at your hair, they can only guess. After getting my hair cut, only the ends were remnants from that horrible experience which left my hair looking like I electrocuted myself.

I remember telling Chris at the beginning of this year, that I wanted to cut the rebonded parts off slowly, and regain healthy hair... But the thing is, my regrowth was UNRULY and FRIZZY and WAVY. Quite frankly, it looked like pubic hair. HOW THE HELL?! I don't know... I used to have pretty straight, no frizz hair but apparently hair texture can change! And everyone else around me had smooth, baby soft hair with no flyaways! How could I not want that?! So... I begrudgingly took a leap of faith into his hands.

And now I have pretty hair too. Yay.