Monday, October 7, 2013

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I went for a KPH run today. KPH is a jungle trekking group in Kuching that organizes a run every Sunday.

Everyone was attired in long soccer socks, rubber shoes with studded soles and some were equipped with gloves. The trails were marked but not worn. The roots leap out and catches your foot whilst branches reach out and scratches your skin raw. The run energizes me and the walk rejuvenates.

The sounds of people in front of you motivates you to climb faster, rush forward and overtake them. There is a certain satisfaction while you call out: "On! On!" and they let you past, echoing your words back at you. When we hear the sound of the trumpet, we surge forward, hoping that we will be able to catch up with our friends up front. We never do, but it's ok, because they are waiting for us at the finish line.

The sky grows dark and we try to move faster but we meet a river we must cross and we hesitate. I think about the crocodiles and snakes that inhabit such areas but I move forward anyway. What were the chances of me falling prey, when all those in front of me have made it safe and sound?

As night falls, we see darkness consuming the jungle. Starting with the roots and ground. So we no longer care about mud underfoot. We march and we continue on and for a moment I feel like a survivor. It's never crossed my mind to turn back. Nothing matters but the finish line.

Eventually we make it. And our friends are there. They say we are slow, but I feel victorious. I've made it. I am undefeated by 12km of shrubs, roots, trees, mud and slopes. I've succeeded in what I set out to do. It's all about finding balance. The first few minutes were pure torture and I wondered how the rest did it. But I shut my mouth and breathed through my nose. I adopted a comfortable pace and gait and I did what I thought was impossible. 12km may not seem like an obstacle to most, but for someone who used to feel faint after 20 minutes on the treadmill, it's a milestone. It's mine.

It brings to mind the words: Your mind gives up before your body does.

I did it, so can you.

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