Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Eyelash Extensions (i De Beauty, Kuching)

Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 girls edit their pictures and I'm no different so I don't know how necessary this is but for those extra naive people out there, my skin is obviously retouched in Photoshop because I suffer from horrible, horrible skin and I can't show the world my face in hi-res without any editing! Hence I have a love hate relationship with my 550d and also the reason I love iPhone's front facing camera.

I got this Groupon deal the same time I purchased the underarm whitening one. I had my doubts and was guarded about what kind of tactics this beauty center would employ but not only were there no hard-selling, the staff kept to themselves and kinda put me off because they didn't make me feel comfortable.

I know, I'm such a particular little person, it's a wonder how someone hasn't put a fork through my eye yet.

I found the whole process an ordeal because I didn't expect pain and there was pain! But let me go through the steps for those who are interested or have never had eyelash extensions before.

Firstly, the beautician showed me the lashes she was going to use and told me that they had others but it was out of stock and I would have to pay extra for them because they are - I'm assuming - higher quality.

This is how the individual extensions look like:

Not what I expected... I thought they would be individual lashes. But no matter, maybe the strip is to hold the lashes together and she'll pull them apart when she's attaching them to my actual lashes, one lash at a time.

Secondly, she told me not to open my eyes as she pried them open and stuck tape on my lower lid. I'm assuming this is so the tape doesn't poke my eyes out and that the tape is there to separate my lower lashes so they don't get glued to my top lashes.

Thirdly, she began to stick the extensions right on top of my lashes... So she's technically gluing the extensions to my eyelid, along with a few strands of my own lashes. This is when the alarm bells started going off. This wasn't what I was anticipating at all.

Despite not being what I had in mind, I didn't really care... Because at least I've tried one type of eyelash extensions and I get to look pretty for a while! But what came next wasn't what I was ready to endure for superficial beauty.

She told me to keep my eyes closed as the adhesive dried, and then told me to open my eyes. I couldn't open them fully, especially the inner corner of my left eye so she asked me to shut it again. I don't know what she did next, but it felt an awful lot like she was yanking my lash free. Try plucking one of your lashes out, that's how it felt like. Intense pain. I teared up immediately and she went on her business, wiping my eye dry without a single word. Um. Sorry would be nice. An explanation before you did anything would've been better.

Then, she told me to shut my eyes as she applied another layer of glue and I won't lie to you, I was terrified that the same thing would happen... But I didn't want to tell her not to apply the glue and have the lashes fall out within a few days after experiencing that excruciating pain. I wanted the pain to be worth it. Thankfully, it didn't happen again.

Lastly, she trimmed the lashes so they looked more natural and that's it! I was done!

All I can say is, this isn't really eyelash extensions. A quick google search on "eyelash extensions" will show you what I was after (or click if you can be bothered).

What I actually got was more like semi-permanent false eyelashes. It looked like I was wearing falsies because there's a black line just above my lashes which gives the illusion that I'm wearing eyeliner.

There was no way for me to know something like this existed but now that I do, I'm sharing it with you!


  1. Where did you get it done? Which branch? That's quite bad!

  2. Hi! I went to the one at 3rd mile.

  3. For most women, having eyelash extensions can make them look pretty.