Thursday, October 3, 2013

The difference hair makes.

I rebonded my hair last Tuesday!

I put off this post because I wanted to give my hair some time to settle. I hate it when girls blog about their fresh-out-of-the-salon-hair (with the exception of dyed hair and especially about treatments) because of course it's going to look amazing. What I want to know is how it looks like after you've washed it and shit.

Remember when I first came back and got my hair cut? Chris (Richard & Iris, Plaza Merdeka) was the one I went to. Due to our years of friendship, he knows how fussy I am so he cut my hair exactly the way I described it and told me I'd return in 3 days.

The picture on the left shows my hair exactly how I wanted it. Thick and unlayered in a round cut.

I don't know if you can tell, but while most girls have hair that would lie on their backs, my hair stacks on top of one another, creating a wall of hair which I have no choice but to describe as... Like a broom. If most girls had hair the thickness of the book Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (223 pages), my hair would be freaking Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (766 pages)!

Every time I caught my reflection is a mirror, I stopped and stared at how thick my hair was. It was like I was wearing a wig with extensions!!! So I returned within an hour and got laughed at, but came out a lot happier with hidden layers which made my hair significantly less poofy (not pictured above).

Anyway, I swore off rebonding after a horrible experience at Ray's Culture (Brighton Square) which I mentioned (in passing) here but just like what I wrote in that post, you gotta factor in what you have done to your hair in the past because no salon will know your hair's history by just looking at your hair, they can only guess. After getting my hair cut, only the ends were remnants from that horrible experience which left my hair looking like I electrocuted myself.

I remember telling Chris at the beginning of this year, that I wanted to cut the rebonded parts off slowly, and regain healthy hair... But the thing is, my regrowth was UNRULY and FRIZZY and WAVY. Quite frankly, it looked like pubic hair. HOW THE HELL?! I don't know... I used to have pretty straight, no frizz hair but apparently hair texture can change! And everyone else around me had smooth, baby soft hair with no flyaways! How could I not want that?! So... I begrudgingly took a leap of faith into his hands.

And now I have pretty hair too. Yay.

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