Saturday, November 9, 2013

Malacca Getaway!

Laopo and I have never been anywhere together. I suppose it's because we're so different, the thought of us travelling together never crossed our minds. I would want to go shop in a mall, whereas she prefers looking at scenery. I would rather party at a rave but she would rather sit in a quaint cafe, chilling. But as I've gotten older, I start to appreciate the little things in life. You don't have to be constantly active to feel alive. Sometimes when we slow down and actually acknowledge the world is when we truly are.

So we drove up to Malacca for the weekend. The hours just slipped past and we were at our destination in what felt like minutes. I guess it goes without saying that good company makes time fly.

First on the agenda: Chicken rice balls! :D

Apart for its novelty, I actually don't really like them. I felt that it's texture is too soft for my liking and not as tasty as chicken rice can be. We had it in this restaurant that was rich in Chinese culture. After having our lunch, we wandered around the place and I took pictures! Enjoy!

Then we stumbled upon a singer who was there to record a music video, which we assume is for Chinese New Year!

After that, we started to explore what Malacca has to offer...

Saw this uber cute cat which I honestly contemplated bringing back to KL and surprising my brother & sister in law (teehee) until the shopkeeper told me the cat is a cross between a Siamese and a Persian.

I'm so sad to leave this quirky little guy behind but I don't deal with cheaters or liars. It is impossible that this cat is mixed with either Persian or Siamese - let alone both.

Saw this quaint little B&B on our way to our B&B. Cute, isn't it!

I want one of these in my future home! I know it'd be pretty damn creepy because they don't make phonographs anymore, therefore they are all genuine artifacts from the past and who knows what kind of spirits have possessed it but I want one. It is a delectable relic of history.

People there are obsessed with wind chimes and the like. And this is by far the most unique wind chime I saw during my time there.

This is a candle holder! I regret not getting it! ToT It's so cute and I'm sure it would throw pretty patterns of light around it. But bah. What's done is done.

This is an actual well - a covered well but a well with water is a well nonetheless. I'm appalled and I wonder. Why, indeed.

Guess what this! If you answer me "it's a model of a building" I will smack you for being a smart alec. It's a clock tower! The only thing that pops into my head when I think of the words "clock tower" is you know, those huge Western buildings with huge clocks at the very top - like London's Big Ben. So it's pretty cool to discover that Malaysians had our own clock towers back in the day and this is how they looked like.

Mandatory durian cendol!

Assam laksa. The fat noodles are absolutely lipsmacking. Yummeh. Also, we had Satay Lok Lok - a MUST TRY in Malacca. No excuse not to take pictures, but I didn't, so feel free to google?

To end the night, we went to the night market and grabbed a drink. Or, well, I did. She stuck to some kind of fruit juice. See, talk about big differences.

Good music, good company, and a cold one. Life's good. ♥


  1. Nice images. :) I've been to melacca once. and had that round rice ball as well. :)
    BTW, What camera are you using ? because your photos are amazing.

    1. Thanks Gwen, I used Canon 550d. Malacca is pretty famous for their "authentic Hainanese chicken rice balls" but their satay lok lok is to die for!