Friday, November 1, 2013

Movie: Thor 2 The Dark World

Pictures from Google Images (no, duh!) 

I caught the premiere of The Dark World last night. I never expected to throw my lot in with the throes of women (and possibly men) who have fallen under Loki's spell (OMG AN ACCIDENTAL PUN). He left the girls squealing in delight and the men howling with laughter. The fast paced action packed movie left little room for anyone to take a toilet break so make sure your bladder's empty before stepping into the movie hall, otherwise you will definitely miss out.

Aside from the witty, unpretentious one liners and a lot of hammer throwing action... Be prepared for heartbreak. The bond between the two brothers is heartbreaking because despite Loki being adopted, there is no less brotherly camaraderie. I wouldn't say love because, Loki did try to kill Thor in Avengers.

The first scene with Odin and Thor had very jarring cuts. I was too distracted by the constant change to focus on what they were saying. The rest of the movie did not suffer in terms of transitions, everything was smooth and unnoticeable.

And damn, Thor's butt is... I suppose "Oh my God" is right.


1) How the hell did Loki survive? 

Thor would not have left Loki if he didn't believe he was dead (way to make Thor look like a blundering fool - but that's his charm, ain't it?) but then again, Loki is the master of illusion and tricks. The only explanation for Thor's departure is that Loki faked his death in order to escape the cage which was waiting for him back home.

When we see the Asgardian guard on the Dark World, there is a shimmer of green on his staff - implying that Loki killed and took the guard's form and possibly disguised the guard's body as his own. The other hint was the guard's suspicious conversation with Odin. So, when we see Loki alive and well enough to prank his elder brother, we're left to wonder...

How the hell did Loki survive? Because, logically, Loki was stabbed because if he were an illusion, the monster wouldn't be able to touch him and the illusion would be dispelled. In that case, why couldn't Frigga be saved? She was stabbed through her ribcage, which I'm sure is less lethal than being stabbed right through the chest, and Odin was by her side in less than a minute. Frigga had more chance at survival than Loki did - who lay in the Dark World for god knows how long. The only thing she did wrong was not appealing to the audience.

So I suppose the true question is: What happened to Odin?

"You must be truly desperate to come to me for help." - Loki

2) In all two years, Thor couldn't spare the love of his life 2 freaking minutes? SERIOUSLY?! 
It takes him a grand total of 5 seconds to travel between worlds. Granted the bifrost was destroyed, but then it was fixed. How hard could it be to just pop by Earth and say "Hi"?

But I guess there's that other explanation: He is a god.

3) Why do they seem so unfazed by Jane's impending death? 
I guess that says it all. Why?

4)  Regarding the after credits scene: Why would anyone entrust a powerful weapon to just anyone?!
Like, seriously? SERIOUSLY SERIOUS!? You are just going to toss some tesseract-like thing to some shady character who has a weird tramp-ish personal assistant for NO GOOD REASON? REALLY. You would think that gods have more sense than that. Sigh. Everybody wants to take over the universe. Everybody. If I see another movie with portals and dimensions I might just... Kill myself. 3 2 3(?) movies with wormholes are enough. Please. NOT. ANOTHER. ONE.

5) I was going to ask what happened to the large beastie... But if you waited till the end of the credits, you'd know.

"There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the rest of the world is as crazy as you are." - Erik


Now, before you go out and watch this movie, I'd suggest you rewatch Thor and Avengers. :) Or at least Avengers, just to refresh your memory. Also, how ironic is it that my signature is Natalie Portman's famous onscreen love? And those clothes! She looks like she could be on the set of Star Wars. Except, that's not Hayden Christensen beside her. Speaking of Hayden Christensen, did they rip off scenes from Jumper?


  1. I agree, that the Loki survival is really far fetched. If they don't come up with a good explanation I am done with the series. I hate when they keep bring characters back, just for fan base politics.
    I am also tired of seeing Natalie Portman everywhere. There are far better choices they could have made, for Thor's Love.
    I think Thor 2 was better than the first one, but really one of the best features of the film, and I usually don't care for the comic relief token character, but Kat Denning as Darcy, really does make the film a star better.

    1. Hi Azoil, The Dark World is definitely a step up from Thor. I don't mind Natalie Portman all that much, but I'm so sick of instalove (which is recurrent in too many movies nowadays)! And I think, as a franchise, they have to keep their options open - which is why Agent Coulson's death was never officially confirmed. But yes, I love what Kat Denning brings to the film, especially cause I can never get enough of her in 2 Broke Girls. :D