Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wise words?

I came across this picture on 9gag: (Click on the picture for the originating source)

Nothing new to those who are a 9gag veteran because we all know 9gag has become a haven for reposts (much to the disgust of the community - and yet this still persists) but in the comments section, I saw the following, which is new to me:

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Whose opinion is valid.

1. I do not oppose gay marriage. I do not think that there is a need to consciously hide or flaunt one's relationship because it is my belief that there is nothing to hide or prove to begin with. However, society demands that gays be shunned and therefore, they are forced to fight for their rights.

2. I agree that people who inhale second hand smoke are victims and perpetrators should always be mindful of those around them. If you are with your friends who do not smoke, ask them if they would mind if you do before you light that death stick. If you are out in public, seek out a less densely populated area (publicly approved smoking zones) and for god's sake, don't smoke in front of a child. Move away or snub it. However, if you are a non-smoker, you too can take extra measures to preserve your health - if you mind it so terribly much, it shouldn't be a problem for you to evacuate the vicinity. Although I can empathize with non-smokers who might think "why should I?!" but let me answer you with: Because it's your life. If you want what's best for yourself, pursue it. By harboring resentment and being unwilling reflects on how much you don't actually care.

3. I think abortion is an extremely delicate topic. I have blogged about it once before while talking about babies & marriage... I stand by my opinion, and it might be an unpopular one but it is my opinion. On one hand, it's murder. On the other, it's a kind of kindness. Certain circumstances of how the child is conceived may attribute to his/her abuse or neglect once born (while this could be easily remedied with adoption, in a world with 100 million homeless children in the world, is bringing another unwanted child into the world the best?) or the child may be handicapped in some way and the parents knew that life for him/her would be hard or they aren't able to cope (either mentally or financially) with the burdens a handicapped child may bring (similarly, with overpopulation and so many unwanted kids in this world, would it be wise to give birth to yet another - and an imperfect one at that?). There are too many different kinds of situations whereby abortion may be the kindest thing to do. With overpopulation in mind, a law stating that it is illegal for people who do not want a child to have a child would be ideal.

4. Sex. We have been taught since young that sex is a dirty act which should only be done for the sake of reproducing and any pleasure you experience is shameful. Isn't it? Even if it was never spoken out loud (for it is taboo to speak of it), porn was watched in secret, when you lost your virginity is a secret, how many people you've slept with is also a secret. But as you get older, you learn that sex is natural and there are people who embrace their sexuality with a ferocity and you do not divulge intimate details of your sex life not because of a need for secrecy but because you're mature enough to understand that relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. His/her secrets are not for you to tell. Wow, I've digressed far. But my point is that sex is to the conservative: a dirty act, and to the liberal: natural. However, "don't do it" is a little extremist. I'll have to agree with the commentator: Don't do it in public. There are children and rules of society that keeps calamity at bay. Wouldn't it be outrageous for someone to start fucking right beside you while you are having lunch? The only reason we're the superior animal is because we don't do it out in the open, regardless of anything, like dogs.

5. Drugs. Everyone knows about it, it's like the purple elephant with pink and silver polka dots in the room. And yet, people still manage to evade it. You know what I really think about drug use? I believe in moderation. If you can take drugs and not succumb to it, by all means. But if you fall and you fall hard... Well, maybe that's natures way of weeding out the weak. I have never had any empathy for those who beat their addiction. I believe this sums it up quite well:

6. Rock and roll! I'm kidding. The issue is porn. Why do people watch porn? Why do people watch movies? Are the two one and the same? Perhaps you watch them to entertain yourself, to live a different life through the characters onscreen, to experience something out of your world, to learn? There are articles written about why women's expectations of love is absurd - because we watch romantic chick flicks and we expect the same in real life. There are also articles written about men and their absurd expectations when it comes to sex. As long as you don't fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations, I don't see how porn could be bad - it's just another form of entertainment, isn't it? However, the commentator clearly states: Don't watch it in the presence of others. Therefore I can't help but deduce that that particular individual does not have any friends, or are only friends with religious nuts. Don't play coy and deny you've ever watched porn with your buddies, even if just for a laugh or out of curiosity. Anyway, whatever you do in private, shouldn't be the business of others, right? So why should it be wrong to watch porn in the presence of close friends or your sexual partner in the comfort of home?

7. Alcohol is the world's favorite drug. Because it is the only legal drug. While research may convince you that weed is less harmful than alcohol, weed remains illegal yet alcohol is sold everywhere. I have yet to understand this phenomenon but my guess is that it only takes RM50 to get high on weed but it takes RM1000 to get high on alcohol - therefore, making alcohol much more profitable? I mean weed can be prescribed by doctors, whoever has heard of alcohol being prescribed? I don't know what the world is doing wrong here, but clearly, there's something they are not telling us. But in regards to the meme... Learn to be a responsible drinker. Save people the headache of having to take care of you when you're bonked out of your mind, blissfully ignorant of the hassle and burden you're IMPOSING on someone else. Drinking and driving is also the worst thing you could do because it's fine if you kill yourself, but what if you kill some innocent victim who just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time? Could you live with yourself? To have taken someone from their family so suddenly and unjustifiably so.

8. Guns. It's illegal for civilians to have guns here in Malaysia. But this is Malaysia. I'm sure some gangster or richass brat has a gun in his car and an armory in his closet. The truth is, power lies with people who already have power. Just like how the rich will only get richer. The key is not to abuse it. The commentator says: Don't like (I'm assuming she meant let) unstable people or criminals get a hold of them. But who's to judge who's worthy of having a gun? If corruption weren't an issue in humanity, I would say let the authorities decide who is worthy by making those who want to buy a gun be evaluated with proper tests, etc. Sadly, the world isn't as just as we hope it is. The only way to make it so, it to arm yourself with equal firepower and hope for the best. Unstable people and criminals are people too, and in this crazy world, they need to protect themselves, too.

At the end of the day, opinions are relative. However, I'd like to know your thoughts in the comments below! I find it interesting to have differing opinions, not just for a fresh perspective but also because you can learn from the ideas and words of others and ultimately find what kind of person you want to be.

"Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it's right, just because nobody is doing it doesn't mean it's wrong."

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