Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights of 2013

I graduated!
And I went into freelancing. So YES, NONE OF THAT 9 TILL 5 BULLSHIT FOR ME. But I'm still having trouble adjusting to having another responsibility added to my life. It's hard enough trying to juggle friends and family and blogging... God knows that I have little to none time management skills. And now I gotta factor in WORK?

But this is the life I've chosen, and by god I'm going to suck it up and learn, not just to live with it, but to thrive. So gimme some time and watch me.

Am I the only one who likes the new Miley? 
And doesn't think that she's trying to rebrand herself? Seriously, all that crap about her trying to break free from her Disney image is both stupid and boring. Can't she be experimenting? Can't she have found herself? Can't she be coerced by her publicist to be this slutty goddess? Goddamnit people, just because twenty people say that she's so controversial right now is because she wants to reinvent herself DOESN'T MAKE IT TRUE. And I happen to like her before and after. At least she's staying true to herself, for better or for worse.

To be honest, I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw her VMAs performance (because I hadn't made the connection between her performance and Rick's Blurred Lines MV) and I didn't know what to think. But you know what I've realized? We don't always have to know what to think. We don't always have to have a valid explanation or try to understand every single thing. We don't need to know the cause of the effect. Who cares if this:

Became this?

People grow up but it's still the same person, isn't it? Stop trying to figure out why and just go with it. It's not your job to make sense of our entire species. Why don't you spend your time wondering what made you the way you are, instead?

We could have easily been naked druggies right now if civilization hadn't decided that being decent meant what it means. So stop your judging or continue on with your boring unhappy lives.

Am I also the only one who dislikes the fit girls hype? 
Honestly, I'm so sick of memes that propagate stereotypes. Memes aimed at women's self perception, especially. As if women aren't objectified enough. Even girls objectify themselves and other girls. Hell, I do it, your sister does it and so does your wife!

Who are you to judge what is true woman is? Last year, it was all about how "real women have curves".

And this year... Muscular chicks?

For one, I'd say ew. Because personally, I like girls with tone, not muscle. And I've never been a fan of abs because I think any horizontal line on a female body aside from collarbones just doesn't appeal to me. But I love these so called 11 abs:

Just two, sometimes three vertical lines down your abdomen. Yums.

I'm also a firm believer that no girl should go below 18% fat because there's a reason we're biologically programmed to accumulated fat much easier than men, who are able to build much easier.

But what I have to say is the same as the Miley thing. Just because everyone you know thinks that that should be the new ideal, doesn't mean that it has to be yours. If everyone in the whole world loves eating bitter gourd, does that mean it has to be your new favorite food too? Don't be afraid to be who you are, like what you like and do what you love. Don't afraid to stand out and be different, even if the nail that sticks out gets hammered. Because I'd rather go down with a fight than be subservient.

Suck on it.

Anyway, guys... Wishing you all happy times and priceless memories for 2014, and may tonight be the best night of 2013, however way you choose to celebrate it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Shop for branded contact lenses at MrLens!

I remember getting my first pair of contacts at a optical store in a shopping complex at 16 and I wore them religiously until the shop closed down lol. I remember how comfortable they were, as compared with those beauty lenses from Taiwan/Korea. I went through those lenses like they were free, wearing them a few times before chucking it because they were so drying and uncomfortable and would often sting! Sure they were pretty, but at what cost? My eyes man.

I haven't worn contacts for about two years. Partially because I have been overseas and I didn't go clubbing there and hence, didn't feel the need to put lenses on. But when The Butterfly Project gave me the chance to review MrLens, a new online lens store from Swiss which stocks only branded lenses, with none of those no-brand nonsense... I decided to give it a try.

Here I am wearing Colourvue Glamour in brown.

I think they are a lot more dramatic in real life, but they photograph really naturally both with or without flash. But with flash, you could almost pretend my eyes are naturally brown because it blends in very well.

Pictured below is Colourvue Glamour in grey!

MrLens offer every brand imaginable. Check them out and see for yourself: http://mrlens.com.my!

It's super easy to order with MrLens, all you gotta do is pick a lens, a power and a color (if you're getting colored contacts) and checkout! Furthermore, they accept many different methods of payment which I think is good because not everyone uses the same bank or prefers the same methods. 

The best part about the site is that they have an 'refill express' option. Lets say you purchase a particular brand in your power and you have to reorder constantly... It'll save you so much time from searching and picking! 

But the smart part is that they don't just chuck everything into your cart. You are free to choose whichever products you want to reorder in whichever quantity! 

Needless to say, they care very much about quality service as well as quality products so why don't you give em a try? And while you're at it, check out their facebook page which is updated often with entertaining posts!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan & What YOU Can Do To Help

Many people do charity at their convenience, and I don't blame them. People are selfish, our own lives are important. And even though we wish to help, part of us can't be arsed to find ways to contribute. I know that's true for myself. But technology has allowed us to help with just a click of a button.

You can donate to Philippine Red Cross. They accept all kinds of methods and you may even donate food if you are so inclined. But they do not need anymore donations of clothing so save that for another cause. :) 

If donating overseas is not your cup of tea, you can opt for donating to Unicef Malaysia

Another great way you can contribute is by purchasing beauty products from Natta Cosme. They will be donating all proceeds from the items below to the victims of typhoon Haiyan. 

So technically, you would be receiving free products with every donation you make. However, postage will not count towards the donation but come on. You're killing two birds with one stone. Why care about the few ringgit you had to pay for the stone? 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

♥ 051213

So I've decided to stay in Kuching. At least for now. With no immediate plans on returning to Melbourne.
There is something about home that makes you want to stay. Stay. Stay.
I do not have wanderlust in me; now that I'm home, I've decided that I do not need to see the world.
Everything I'll ever want and need is here. I'll never be happier anywhere else. 
I never knew what I lost till I experienced it again. 
Why waste another few years earning a little bit more when true wealth is not riches but happiness?

But to be content is to stop.
So I'll never let myself be content.