Saturday, March 22, 2014

♥ 220314

I have never been so unlucky in my life. I missed my flight from Melb back to Kch because my alarm didn't go off. Apparently that's a problem on ios7! I made a booking for the following day, setting alarms on 4 different devices. My iphone failed to ring again. But it's ok, cos the other 3 did.

But the gods weren't done with me. They sent an irony god to come fuck with me.

I found a wallet in the front pocket of my seat on the flight from Kl to Kch and left my ipad in its place.

How does that even happen?!! It's like I saved someone from a booby trap and after the guy left, I walked right into the exposed hole in the ground!!!

It took me forever to find the owner of the wallet. He didn't have facebook under his name - what he did have was a bunch of business cards. I picked one up at random and called the number. Turns out the person I called is some kind of christian leader. Apparently the guy I'm looking for is a christian on a mission. He was invited to Msia from USA to preach or something. Furthermore the person I called is in KL and my guy is currently in Kch and due to fly to KL tomorrow.


It's like he took ALL my luck. Unbelievable.

I've come to terms that my ipad is lost forever. I couldn't find it in, whoever picked it up didn't reply my imessages or attempt to contact me and I've called Airasia repeatedly but no one has turned it in. I guess the world is filled with disgustingly dishonest asshats. It has been 2 days and I'm sure someone else has claimed ownership of my lost ipad which was given to me by my mother.

It is one thing to lose something you bought yourself. It's an entirely different thing to lose a GIFT.

Although I don't believe in god - I hope the thief's mother n daughters burn in hell for his/her sins. I wish I could take the high road and say my mother taught me to forgive the actions of the less fortunate who weren't blessed with wealth, a good heart or an incorruptible mind... But I can't. Your decisions are yours alone - people make mistakes and it is never too late to do the right thing.

One thing I've learnt is how incredibly understanding my father is. He never once blamed me or mentioned how much money I wasted. I hope that I could be more like him. He laughed about my missed flight and told me not to worry about it because what's done is done and there's nothing you can do about it, so just book another ticket home. He taught me to find solutions instead of dwell on what cannot be fixed. While he didn't laugh at my carelessness of misplacing my ipad, he told me to put my belongings into my bag in the future instead of leaving it out in the open. Even if I forget about it, I'll still find it in my bag.

Both are expensive lessons which could have been avoided if I took that extra step to be proactive.

One day I will forgive the person for taking my ipad because it isn't his/her fault that I expect better of people. But not today.


  1. Isn't there a way you can lock your iPad so that no one can use it? That's what I did on my stolen Samsung Note 2. :)

    1. Yes, but you have to have 'Find my iPad' activated prior to losing it and I didn't. Sucks, but that's just how unlucky I was! But thanks for the thought! I hope karma finds both our thieves!

  2. OMG!! So sorry I did not know this thing happened! :( I am so sorry to hear that! but its great to see your family being supportive on your lost! :)