Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sorry I'm not sorry

I was apprehensive about publishing this post because I'm positive someone will take it the wrong way but let's be fearlessly honest. Be brave enough to hear the truth as well as to speak it.

Being Malaysian, I feel obligated to express my condolences for the victims of MH370, but I'm not a very sympathetic person and I fail to feel for those whom I don't know. Sure, I feel that it is unfortunate... But accidents happen every day, people die every day. Why is this more of a tragedy than the deaths of those who are not publicized or acknowledged? How is one person's life worth more than another's? I've gone on with my life, refusing to even acknowledge the false reports, too indifferent to look for verified information, believing that the truth will one day emerge and when it does, my curiosity will be satisfied. But for now, I'll stay skeptical and harp about my lost ipad instead.

Like I said, I don't empathize well with strangers. Say hi to me, tell me someone close to you was on the plane and I'll feel for you. But I can't feel for someone I don't even know for something I'm not going through. I mean, isn't that why we're shown pictures of children suffering by volunteers attempting to collect donations? Put a story or face (or both) to a name and it becomes real.

But at times like these, it makes me reevaluate the situation. There is nothing we can do for the dead, and unless you personally know the family of the victims, it is very possible that your condolences mean nothing to them. I can't say for sure, but I think it's highly probable. What I do know for sure is... There is something we can do for the living, and yet we do nothing.

Take this for example:

We suffer from delusions of how we should be or look like and in turn, it causes us to form disorders. We are the cause of our own destruction. Humans create, consume and conduct accordingly. The saddest part is while we have no control over the disappearance or recovery of MH370, we have utmost control over our creations, consumption and conduct but we allow ourselves to spiral into a pit of destruction. Consciously feeding our obsessions.

I believe the characters portray anorexia nervosa, anxiety or perhaps even drug addiction, bipolar disorder, body dismorphic disorder, suicide and silence.

Women strive to be beautiful and thin, stress drives them to develop mental disorders. How is silence relevant? Silence is as deadly as the rest. Most people suffer in silence, most people watch as others destroy themselves but keep their mouths shut. We go through our lives, purposely oblivious to each other's demons. For some, suicide is worth escaping their demons.

This is very real and this is happening right now. Not only to women, but largely. We are unable to revive the dead but we can save ourselves. Shouldn't our priorities be healing our world for those who still have a chance at life, rather than to publicize regrets for dead strangers?

It is great to see many of my friends and acquaintances memorialize the victims of MH370 because they are capable of a level of empathy which I lack and am unwilling to fake. But a week from now, maybe even by tomorrow, we will go back to our silence and apathy.

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  1. Do not be sorry for what you believe in because if you say you are sorry it means you are wrong in not feeling anything for the tragedy of MH 370. If you have never felt pain physically, mentally,emotionally, spiritually, socially then it means you have a good life. And I hope you will continue to have a good life and never will experience the bad side of life. For many people, the incident of MH 370 mean something or another. That is why every now and then there will be people praying. Some people know that they cannot help but they offer prayer as a form of help. I hope some evidences will be brought to shore. I hope the relatives would see to believe this tragedy. They still cannot believe it has happened. They still think that the plane has landed somewhere and for one reason or another, there is communication failure. That is why they are angry with the gomen. The incident in Semporna Sabah. The bad guys has telephoned the family of the girl and has asked for US 11 million dollar.