Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nu Er Hong (Pullman, Kuching)

Thanks to Christy for inviting me to a food tasting at Nu Er Hong on the 17th. Since it was near Easter week, the guests were all given a chocolate bunny! Look how cute mine is!

I couldn't bear to eat it, also, cos I don't have a sweet tooth and dislike white chocolate. I only picked this cos it's cute. The milk chocolate one looked tasty but wasn't as cute. Anyway, it is sipping one of the best teas I've had in Kuching!

We were given peanuts and this wondrous Four Season Oolong (RM12 per pot) while we waited for the food to be served. It is an aromatic light tea which would go perfectly with dim sum!

The food was placed on a table for photography. Pictured above is the Deep Fried Spicy Bean Curd Dumpling and Crispy Duck with Coriander Leaves Sauce. In the background is the Fruits Sorbet Terrine.

April Specials

Due to my very late post, you only have one more day to try the polo buns which come in the following flavors: Red Bean, Sesame, Cheese and Butter. But trust me when I say you are not missing out, unless you really love polo buns. In which case, I'm sorry I didn't update earlier ;D

Also this next dish is pretty good as well... Presenting... Two Flavor Prawns!

The prawns were very succulent and juicily crunchy. It is the highlight of our entire meal! Unfortunately, you only have today and tomorrow to try it because after April, the chef will move on to another special.

I absolutely adored the marmite flavored prawns. I inhaled them. They were really tasty, with olives and bits of pineapple to zest them up. They are little balls of heavenly flavor, bursting in your mouth with every bite.

The butter prawns paled in comparison with the marmite prawns. While the texture and flavor was there, it just can't live up to its more interesting counterpart. But it complements the marmite prawns excellently, stimulating your tastebuds with a dose of sweetness.

May Specials

I am not a fan of coriander or duck... But the two ingredients neutralized each others distinct taste. Furthermore, duck is quite hard to handle in the kitchen, in the sense that it always ends up too dry to too tough. But this duck was perfectly tender!

The Deep Fried Spicy Bean Curd is quite disappointing to me because I enjoy spicy food and it was not quite spicy enough. But I had quite a few because the tofu was still incredibly silken, despite being deep fried!

June Specials

You must try the Scallop dumplings - and eat them while they are still steaming hot. I don't know exactly what is in the dumplings but it is a delicious blend of flavors!!

The Cheese Chicken Pie was not fantastic due to the texture of the filling. I prefer my pie fillings to be chunky, but some may find the smooth, yam-like consistency delicious. I'll let you be the judge and try it for yourself this coming June!

This is the Nyonya Assam Steamed Fish. There is a choice of either Seabass or Batang Ai Red Tilapia. I have to give it to them, the fish is super fresh and sweet! But the assam was not sour or spicy enough for me.

Ongoing Dishes

The sorbet was what I was waiting for! The Fruits Sorbet Terrine was surrounded with a bouquet of fresh, high quality fruits and the sorbet itself is made from dragonfruit and lychee. It is a refreshing alternative to other desserts and is also a healthier choice! Pre-payment is required for this dish, and at RM45, it comes paired with 2 glasses of dessert wine which may be changed to non-alcoholic beverages. Also, it is only served between 8pm to 10pm.

x x x 

Nu Er Hong is perfect for those who prefer mild food and love beautifully presented foods. Look at the intricate carving of the sea horse! I was also impressed at the freshness of their seafood and how well the duck was cooked. Impress your mother this Mother's Day at Nu Er Hong! And if you keep the receipt, you'll be entitled to 20% off for Father's Day. For more details, please see below:


  1. I like how you "integrated " your name on the door frame in the first picture...very clever.