Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get your dogtags from Malaysia Military Tag!

I have always, always, liked dog tags. But I was never given one during my months of national service and I knew I would never join the army. So I was really happy when I discovered Malaysia Military Tag!

I got one for my dog, matching ones with the best friend and one for my boy friend. Hence, I had to put this blog post off until he came home so I could give him his.

Anyway, here is a picture of my dog and her dogtag:

Stormy is playing dead so I can get a clear picture of her & her tag! As you can see, the embossing is crisp and professionally done. Stormy hasn't had her tag long enough for me to comment on the durability, but the steel is rather lightweight and thin. I expected something with more substance and weight. However, it is made from stainless steel, so it should withstand the power of nature.

Next, behold the boyfriend's keychain!

You wouldn't be able to guess from the picture, but it is embossed with a quote on the back. The reason the image of The Flash is not distorted by the embossing is because it is actually a hard, high quality sticker! I thought the image was printed onto the steel itself - that is how good the workmanship is. They have a variety of printed tags featuring male superheroes, but there's a villain - can you guess who it is? Click here to have a browse and find out for yourself!

Next are my dogtags. A personal one with one of my favorite quotes and a matching one with my partner in crime. Here's the idea: A code name, a gang name and a motto.

Now we can all look badass!

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