Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Fairy Blossom

If you think that breasts stop growing once you pass puberty, you're wrong! And I'm not talking about plastic surgery to attain your dream cups - I'm talking about natural breast enhancement aka NBE. There is more than enough evidence to support the fact that breasts grow and shrink depending on numerous factors. Doubtful? Well then, explain to me how transgender men are able to develop breasts and why your breasts fluctuate with your weight!

Enlarging your assets without plastic surgery is not a dream - most ladies swear by massaging and herbal therapy, mainly pueraria mifirica, wild yam and soy, all of which are found in Fairy Blossom!

According to google, pueraria lobata is also used in bust enlarging and firming aswell, but there isn't much information on it. However, Fairy Blossom truly packs a punch, with:

6000mg Mulberry & Lingonberry
1500mg Apple Stem Cells
750 Wild Yam
1250 Pueraria Lobata
1250 Pueraria Mifirica 
500mg Soy Isoflavone 

in each serving, so you'll be sure to see effects! ;) Other than helping you achieve your ideal body, Fairy Blossom also fights your menstrual cramps for you and alleviates your mood while keeping wrinkles at bay, etc. See below for the full list of benefits Fairy Blossom has to offer!

* * * 

I was sent 2 boxes of Fairy Blossom, thanks to the generosity of the kind people behind Fairy Beauty and!

I actually noticed that I filled out my bras a little more and my monthly visit was pretty pain free! My boyfriend also didn't ask if I was getting my period (which, FYI, pisses girls off A LOT even though we know that PMS is a very real thing, something about a guy saying "你来/要来了哈/is it that time of the month?" really strikes a nerve - because it sounds so belittling!) because I wasn't cranky and didn't flew off the wall for no reason. I felt like one of those girls in a tampon or pad commercial - smiley and airy and flowery and so darn happy.

These little miracle bottles are are amazing, in my opinion. I measured myself before and after and I actually gained 2 inches! But I did put on some weight because the boyfriend came back for a semester break... So we'll see if the inches stay after I lose weight. But I'm not counting on it, because well, breasts are fat. I won't be surprised if they are the first to go. LOL.

One thing I gotta admit is that Fairy Blossom doesn't taste half as good as Fairy Whitez (click for the review!), and I didn't even like Fairy Whitez half as much as I thought I would. There is a soury bitter aftertaste to Fairy Blossom, but I'm more than willing to overlook it for all its benefits.

HiShop is currently giving away 4 bottles with every purchase of 2 boxes. Aaaand, you can get a RM20 rebate on purchases above RM99 with this special promo code:

Valid until the 31st of July, 2014!

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