Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Meng Meng Eye Tape

Meng Meng Eye Tape is unlike any other eyelid tape I've used. The eyelid tapes I'm used to are already adhesive - all you gotta do is peel and stick. But this meshed eyelid tape comes with its own special glue which you have to apply onto the invisible meshed double eyelid tape before applying onto your eyelid.

Trust me, they didn't say that the meshed eyelid tape is invisible for fun, they mean business! A piece fell off my finger before I could apply the glue and POOF! Gone!... Forever.

Here are the product instructions from the packaging:
Before you use the invisible meshed double eyelid tape ("meshed eyelid"), we highly recommend you have applied basic makeup or after complete full makeup. Do not worry as the meshed eyelid will not destroy any applied make up. 
1. Peel off a piece of eyelid contained from the sheet (piece of eyelid contains a meshed eyelid and film together).
2. With a tweezer, gently peel off the meshed eyelid from the film.
4. Set the meshed eyelid on your hand, and apply the thick special glue on and over the meshed eyelid.
4. With a tweezer, gently place the glued meshed eyelid on the outside of your eyelid and press for a few seconds for the glue to dry.
Note: Wash your hands and close the glue cap firmly after the applied meshed eyelid. You may also feel a warm or hot sensation when you apply the meshed eyelid for the first time as the special glue contains a small portion of alcohol for quick drying purposes. But if you feel your skin has inflamed or have rashes appeared, please stop using the meshed eyelid immediately.
* To remove the eyelid, simply use any makeup remover.
Special glue ingredients: Rosin, copal, silica, ispropyl alcohol.

They have two sizes of eyelid tape - narrow and wide. Narrow is for smaller eyes and wide for, well, bigger eyes. What you see here is wide. It is 3.5cm across and I noticed that I have to stick it as close to my lashline as possible for a more natural effect. Otherwise, it'd look like plastic surgery gone wrong. ><"

And BAM. Before, during, after. If you notice, my left eye (which is on the right in the picture) is a tapered eyelid, unlike my right eye, which has a parallel fold. So, in attempt to even them out, I applied the meshed eyelid a little bit higher on the right. Also, I've taken the meshed eyelid off and reapplied it a couple of times just so it would appear on camera because, there's really no point in me trying to show you something invisible, right? So, don't worry, it won't be as visible when you apply it!

According to a friend who is a MUA, she said that if all other eyelid tapes have failed you, you should definitely try these meshed eyelid kinds because she has that problem whereby eyelid tapes can't hold up her desired fold but these can!

They are definitely a lot more durable than those stick-on eyelid tapes, because those would lose their adhesion when your eyelid starts to secrete oil and the tape will move and your eye will look funky!! No worries about these babies moving, they will stay firmly in place until you use makeup remover on them!

Tip: Wait for the glue to dry before you open your eyes! Otherwise, you'll have sticky lids and it'll be uncomfortable. And you'll probably mess up your makeup (not sure cos I didn't try, but logically speaking....).

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