Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movie: X-Men - Days of Future Past

I love X-Men. I spent moments of my life waiting for my powers to manifest. But they obviously haven't, otherwise I'd be 1. filthy rich and 2. out saving the world or doing what little I can. :D

X-Men has a universe with countless possibilities, and I wish that people would stop harping on how whored out Wolverine/Logan is because he's the only one in the franchise that is pretty much immortal. That's the reason why they can milk his character for all it's worth (although being one of the most loved character doesn't hurt) by making Wolverine Origins and The Wolverine (which, sadly, has got to be the worst movie in the whole franchise).

Anyway, we're here to talk about X-Men - Days of Future Past. And it's going to be a spoilery little review, so skedaddle and come back when you've watched it because you'll have questions so you'll want to.

The plot is rather tight, and it's not too serious but still realistic to a degree. I can believe that there is a kid out there who has the power to move so quickly that time essentially slows down for him which, makes him ultra self-confident in himself because he knows he can get away with virtually anything. So when a few guys comes to him and asks him for his help to break in to a high security holding cell, he doesn't even bat an eye. First of all, he is a kid. He probably never stopped to think about the repercussions because 2. he has never suffered the consequences of his actions. Therefore, it is completely believable that he would embark on the journey at the drop of a hat. And being so content with his life, I can believe that he didn't even try to convince the X-Men to take him in.

Everyone who watched Days of Future Past has been buzzing about what a great sequence the Quicksilver scene is and I can't lie. It really brings out his mischief, the smugness of a kid who can move faster than light. Finally, someone to outshine Wolverine, eh?

But movies about time-travel is always vexing on the mind because you try to keep up with what would be changed by every little action or inaction. It's worse when you have all those other X-Men films to consider.

Let's break it down:


Here are the discrepancies that I've noticed:

1. What's Mystique's story? She was captured by the government after killing Trask but they never mentioned whether she escaped, was let go/saved or killed. If she was killed, then it would render the entire series obsolete because we clearly saw her in movies which happened after the events of DOFP. If she escaped or was let go or even saved, where was she in 2023? Maybe she wasn't there because she was cured of her mutant gene in X3? Which brings me to my next point.

2. Magneto was cured in X3. However, towards the end, they did show his powers returning slowly... So I guess the producers wanted us to connect the dots by ourselves without making an entire movie about how they regained their powers. But then again... Wasn't the whole mutant vs human debacle solved in X3? We saw Beast appointed as an ambassador and Storm running Xavier's school at the end. Speaking of Xavier...

3. Didn't he die in X3? But in the after credits scene, he was heard saying "Hi Moria", so I guess that's more connecting the dots for us. As to why they didn't recast him for DOFP, why should they? Would you really want them to? But I know we're all curious: Why is he still in a wheelchair?

4. And does Wolverine still have his adamantium claws? I'm pretty sure he does, because Stryker was onboard the boat that saved him from the river (I'm not even going to start on how Wolverine is still alive after drowning) and he gave this wicked little creepy smile. So I bet the little freak experimented on Wolverine... But does that mean that Origins has been altered?

Now comes the hard question.

5. Why is Scott and Jean alive? Why does Rogue still have that white steak in her hair if the past was changed? How does Days of Future Past affect the series? Does this mean that X-Men has been rebooted? So the canon films are now First Class and Days of Future Past, with the previous films being in an alternate universe? Hey, that's actually quite smart. We just need another movie to wrap it all up and package it nicely so everyone's happy. Somehow, I doubt we're going to get that though...

Feel free to add your own observations and conclusions! The comments are open to you and I would love to hear what you think.

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