Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Life Clenz

Fairy Beauty also sent me Life Clenz for review but I am sad to say that I have nothing good to say about it.

The taste is awful, and every night after taking it, I wake up 9 hours later with a raging stomach, begging me for release! To me, it is nothing more than a glorified laxative. I asked a couple of bloggers who were sent the same product and asked if they had diarrhea as well and all of them said yes. Most of them said that they got stomachaches which got better with continued use.

I did not complete the entire 2 boxes, there are still a couple left which I am too afraid to take. There was once I almost didn't make it to the toilet in time. Imagine tight jeans, diarrhea fighting to burst out of you and realizing there's no toilet paper in the toilet.

Not a pretty picture, and definitely not the nicest scenario to find yourself in.

I guess I will save the remaining for a rainy day, when I've been constipated for days or feeling extra bloated, just to feel flushed clean. It's actually an addictive feeling, because I imagine the diarrhea to be fats leaving my body in a torrent of pain and satisfaction. HAHAH. TMI?

But in all honesty, I still have a pooching stomach and I weigh pretty much the same, even though my body expelled everything I ate. Drinking water was fine, but keep your hands off alcohol because you WILL regret it!!!

Ok, I lied about the part where I had nothing good to say about it. Prior to taking it, my eyes got tired easily and when they are tired, they become dry and my vision goes fuzzy. When I was taking it... It just didn't happen! Who knows what sorcery it is??! If you do, let me know cos I was more confident driving around at night because my eyes kept their focus. Right now though, I have to keep blinking to moisturize my eyes because it's starting to get fuzzy... /.\ If you talk to me and you realize that I blink my eyes forcefully, including scrunching my face up, don't worry... I don't have some weird muscle twitch, neither am I hitting on you. I'm just moisturizing my eyes!

So, if like me, you strain your eyes every day and would like to get your vision back to full power and is able to overlook the taste, the pain and laxative effect, go for it! You can get a RM20 rebate with purchases above RM99 with this code: FAIRYNEW.

Also, an update about my weight loss with Life Food: I actually managed to lose half an inch off my thighs in a month! I did some yoga along with it, and cut back on my partying. I don't think I've been out in a week. But that's probably a lie. It feels like I haven't, but I probably have. Also, the best part about my little experiment with Life Food was.. I was really inconsistent with consuming it and it still worked! I'm going to try to take nothing else BUT Life Food until it runs out, starting on the 9th of July. I know I neglected to post progress pictures - which I said I would in that Life Food post - and totally didn't post anything on Instagram (do you know how hard it is to take a full body picture of yourself without a full length mirror?) but I will definitely post my before and after pictures with my weight for comparison this time, so check back in roughly 2 weeks? ;) It's a promise!


  1. You're supposed to have that raging stomach ache and diarrhoea. I took vegefibre (by detoxlim) everyday - it did make me less bloaty after 2 weeks and I lost some weight with that. The first 2 weeks were horrible but after that your body gets used to it. It's designed to have those nasty side effects. But I stopped drinking it coz 1) it just tastes bad 2) the daily stomach pain made me naturally phobic of it 3) i don't have the time to time my drinking and pooing schedules :/ hahahahaha

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