Friday, July 25, 2014

Chicks & Plants!

So I got the chicks I planned on getting. These are called 花鸡(hua ji, "flower chicken"), a cross between the local chickens & broiler chickens. Although they aren't the breed I was after, I have become mesmerized by the patterns on their feathers.

The feathers look like a painting, with nature as the artist. I can't wait to see them fully grown. This chick I'm holding is pretty attached to me and would sleep in the palm of my hand, or follow me around as I work in the garden, probably because I dig up worms which it is more than happy to eat.

The three in the foreground are a lot more skittish and spook easily. When they see me come to the door of their cage, they'd flutter to the door and wait for me to open it, but once they're out that door, I become something to be feared.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know this one. Its got white wings and was the weakest - with droopy wings and unstable on its feet - so I gave it a strong name: Skyrah. I'm wishing that it turns out to be a she, otherwise I might have to send it away due to the noise roosters make. That's the only reason I've refrained myself from naming them all.

Chickens are incredibly social animals and would chirp their heads off until they see another living thing nearby. They've made friends with my cat and dog, which is incredible because I was so afraid they'd be gobbled up. But my cat can't be bothered, and my dog only wants to play. But I keep them away from Stormy, because she doesn't know how to be gentle, and the chicks are still quite fragile.

My father and I have been quite active in the garden. I'd like to believe he was inspired by me, but I think he just pities me because I tried to clear a patch of weeds for a week and he did it within an hour.

We planted marigolds from a packet of seeds about 3 days ago and they've sprouted!

The black thing on top of the plant is actually the seed! I have never seen a seed quite so unique, but there is probably many things I haven't seen, being so new to this world of seeds and leaves, dirt and plants.

The okra we planted from the seeds of the random ladies fingers plant that appeared in my garden a couple of weeks ago has sprouted and been replanted!

My dad tossed a handful of seed into a pile and they grew into a bush of okra, so we had to dig em up and separate them before replanting. I almost killed a couple, because I didn't know I had to be delicate with the roots or water them. To be fair, I thought that as long as they have some semblance of a root and not totally broken off at the stem, they'd be fine. And we do live in a humid country where water is in the very air, so I didn't imagine they'd need any more. But my father has a super green thumb, he replanted the dying plants and they revived. I don't know how he did it, but he did. And I am more than impressed, I'm disappointed I didn't inherit his gift.

The other additions are: sweet basil, thyme and lemongrass from a nursery, dill and eggplant from a friend. Only the first two were photographed, because the rest were sitting in pots, scattered all around the garden and I forgot all about them until now.

I planted a mango seed from a fruit during mango season and red salvia from a packet of seeds a couple of days ago, but they have yet to sprout so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope they don't die on me!

Also, rambutan is in season! I don't dare to pick its fruit because of the black ants that has made the tree its home. I really want to... But it's just, insects, man! GEEZ. Why can't they be less creepy? >w<

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