Monday, November 17, 2014

7 lessons life is trying to teach you

1. Don't scratch your itches.
Because it will only make it worse. Leave it alone and it will heal. 

2. Wait your turn.
Just like the seasons, there is a time and place for everything. 

3. We are not original, only inspired.
You are one of a kind based on your own construct, not of your own creation. 

4. Your hands are good at different things.
Nobody was created equal, everyone has their talents. 

5. Change what you can't accept, accept what you can't change.
There is no third option. 

6. Sunsets are glorious but fleeting and are never the same. 
Appreciate the beautiful moments in life, because the only way you can relive them are in your mind and even memories don't stay. 

7. Nothing matters unless you let it. 
We give meaning to what has none. Sometimes things just happen for no reason. But the truth is, your perspective of reality is an illusion. So make your perspective count, make your life worth living. 

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